Fugawi charts service is discontinued [Update]

It's official, the 30 November 2018, Johnson Outdoors Company, recently acquired Fugawi (*), decided to stop its activities. After discontinuing the distribution of their PC navigation software in August 2017, having closed the marine equipment shop selling online last spring, it is the turn of the download charts server to disappear.

The announcement was made on 6 November by newsletter, on Fugawi Facebook Account, and on the website's home page. The twitter account @Fugawisoftware has already been removed.

Stunned by such a sudden announcement, we got the confirmation from Fugawi Business Manager :

« We will stop selling new downloads/subscriptions and renewals. If you need a chart, please buy it before Nov 30th. You can then download it on up to two devices within a year, and have access to the chart for updates to the end of 2019. You can then use it with your app or software, as long as they remain compatible, I.E. technology changes do not stop you from using the charts. "

[Update] Good news for iNavX ! The team NavX Studio informs me have anticipated early transition and be ready by 1st December to continue offering the charts :

" This is actually good news for iNavX users and something that we have been working with Fugawi on for a while now […] From December 1st, iNavX will have a direct relationship with the chart providers and with the iNavX users. We have, over the past few months, built out our own backend system to replace Fugawi. User should not experience any disruption in service and, in fact, the service delivery to user will only improve in the coming months. "

The Fugawi accounts always accessible to 31/12/2019 for account management, but it offers no more or purchase, or renewal.

iNavX users can be reassured! !

(*) The stakeholders of electronic charting [Update]
(*) The stakeholders of electronic charting



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  1. Hello Francis , how to migrate to a second iPad Air 2 4D and the appications Weather INAV X installed on the first ?

    1. As with all applications purchased from Apple Store, simply open the App Store application> Updates tab> Open your account (tap on the "figure" icon at the top right) > Shopping> Absent from this iPad / iPhone> select your apps and tap the arrow cloud. You can even 10 appareils. Warning for iNavX, the Carto does not follow. It would be better to wait until early December that iNavX completes transition.

  2. Francis
    This does not you it may be accompanied by an increase in the price of the cards ?
    Thank you for the blog

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