Print charts with GPSNavX / MacENC

Both applications offer direct printing of screen content. It is very convenient to print a chart, whatever the scale used to screen. Indeed, Print this concerns only the chart content visible on screen, excluding pop-up windows. Generally it must first choose a print in landscape, and then use the menu File > Print.

imprimer avec gpsnavx

Direct printing with GPSNavX

As can be seen in the Print Preview above, formatting leaves a large margin that reduces the size of the printed image. If you wish to make a better impression covering page, and possibly a printer to print in A3, one trick is to create a PDF file opens directly in Graphic Converter.

Graphic Converter is usually part of the first utilities that download on a Mac, As this software is useful for converting a variety of formats for graphic images. He also allows many image processing, without the side "gasworks" a professional PhotoShop. Short, essential !

The print window of OS X allows you to export directly into a printing application :

pdf1This implies click the button " PDF ", select " Edit Menu ", and add a new entry with the button " + ". A Finder window allows you to go find Graphic Converter and select. Application is then added to the list.

Once Graphic Converter present in the "PDF" button combo, you just make that choice to open your chart file directly in the application.

The processing in Graphic Converter

I'll take an example with MacENC. After positioning the chart as I want to print it, I run printing with the button PDF > Graphic Converter :


Printing in MacENC

Once open Graphic Converter, chart appears in the Graphic Converter window. I'll crop the chart with the selection tool (the dotted square in the floating toolbar) and I open the menu File > Create > New image from the selection :

graphic converter

Treatment in Graphic Converter

I get an image cropped 2838 x 1740 pixels, a resolution that allows me to make a large scale printing, so large size paper using the many settings of the print window :


Printing in Graphic Converter

So you can build a charts portfolio, possibly laminating, that will be useful as a backup in case of computer or power supply failure.

Raster charts direct printing

Maptech raster charts format are presented in the form of a couple of files .bsb and .kap. Kap files, the chart container, can be opened directly with Graphic Converter. Right click on the file name, the menu is selected Open With > Other… and search Graphic Converter.

This produces a very high resolution image, 11580 x 8715 pixels, allowing there a high quality printing, as long as you have a suitable printer.