This is an excellent initiative that we owe to Dominique Gauthier : is a new French e-commerce website mainly dedicated to iPad (and iPhone) accessories useful in’marine usage of these devices.

Rather than looking on Google for e-commerce websites overseas, you can now go to a French specialized website. Dominique Gauthier did not hesitate to raise my opinions on the technical aspects of his choice of accessories, being himself user and boater. has been open for a few days, his catalog is gradually enriched, I welcome his initiative and wish him good luck.


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  1. Yes you are right, because I have consulted about you and your video instalation afterthought, great job, and dictaticiel (even my wife understands), but I still have a question about Navionics HD sold AppleStore, with what software you it works carthographie ?, and there have there a gps position we do not see their doc on Apple store.
    My ipad not being 3G I think I should buy a gps bluethoot, iNavX to use this time with maps downloaded from the software if I have that much time saved.
    Thank you again for your site.

    1. Navionics HD cards sold AppleStore, with what software you it works carthographie ?

      The application is integrated. Yes; GPS position is displayed. Read that article on comparative vs. Navionics Mobile iNavX Navionics.

  2. Hello and congratulations for your explanations on the GPS feature of the iPad.
    I sail in the Caribbean, and wants to buy the new Navionics cartography , you knew her ?, and you know if this comes with mapping software running on the nav Ipad?, followed with the position of the cat in real time ?.
    In this case the iPad would be great and less energy than my laptop, and could replace my current Maxsea.
    I hope you do not get too upset, and thank you in advance for your info.

    1. Your question surprises me : it seems to me to write extensively on cartographie Navionics in this blog, and I have detailed from my website the use of the application that uses this mapping iNavX, among others.
      Navionics Mobile on the application which can be bought directly from the AppStore, I recently completed a comparison with iNavX that may enlighten you. I'll upload some screenshots on the Caribbean.

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