Which iPad for navigation ? [Update-12]

Many of you ask me about choosing an iPad for boating use. Unfortunately having no time to respond to every request a post is required. Each year it is advisable to review this question, and sometimes more often.

With the presentation of the last two iPads this 18 October 2022, the chipset Apple Silicon M2 comes up on models iPad Pro 11″ up to 12,9″, with 8 or 16 GB of RAM of RAM memory (depending on storage capacity). The new iPad 10 " low cost" receives the A14 Bionic chip from the iPad Air 4 with a screen extended to 10.9″. The great novelty of all these devices is the appearance of the USB-C connector imposed by the European Union, and the supply of the USB-C charger and cable. Read more …

GNS 3000 Bluetooth GPS receiver for mobile

The new GNS 3000 announced by Global Navigation Systems since last spring is finally available (¹). It replaces the GNS 2000 More. Now equipped with a Bluetooth transmitter 5.0, it has an SD Card slot for recording position data continuously.

Compatible with Apple products, It caters mainly to non-GPS devices : iPod Touch and iPad WiFi all models. It can also be used with all PDAs, Bluetooth phones and tablets. It has a Li-Ion battery offering an autonomy of 10 continuous hours.

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Simultaneous Wi-Fi and cellular connection [Update]

In coastal navigation, so often within range of a cellular network, we can download GRIB files, weather maps, or simply communicate with friends. But what if our smartphone or tablet is already connected via Wi-Fi to a multiplexer?, or an NMEA gateway, without cutting the data that feeds our favorite navigation application ?

This is the summer trick…

[Update 25/09/2020] The trick in question depends on the iOS version used. Details in the article.

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Controlling a Windows PC from an iPad [Update]

(First published on 8 December 2010)

Dear Friends macusers, the approach of Christmas, we need to be charitable, particularly towards users of Windows PC. Indeed, before the influx of requests on how to control a Windows application from an iPad, not having provided a tutorial (*) for Mac users, I feel indebted to a small tutorial for windowsusers.

[Updated 22/08/2020]

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Start with an iPad / iPhone

For all browsers start with the use of an iPad, and who do not yet know the basics of handling. For all those who ask me :

  • How to load an application ?
  • How to load an application purchased on a second device ?
  • How to delete an application and load it again without paying ?
  • How to update applications ?
  • How do I know that there are updates ?
  • How to download a book in iBooks ?
  • How do I know that there is an update of a book ?
  • Etc, etc,…

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Iridium Mail & Web app : GRIB weather files on iPhone and iPad in open sea [Update-2]

[Update 15 February 2019] The recent update of the application Iridium Mail & Web app gives me the opportunity to refresh the ticket originally written in December 2011.

The Wi - Fi gateway Optimizer RedPort the company enables owners of a mobile satellite phone to query and receive GRIB weather files from an iPad or iPhone on the high seas, into the wild, anywhere on the world.

Having implemented and tested this solution on a long journey, it has proven perfectly operational. However, it is limited to receiving only predictions GFS weather model global, and model WW3 waves, obtained by the autoresponder US server Saildocs.

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GALILEO and the Apple mobile

Within a month of the launch by Ariane 5 four new satellites of the GALILEO constellation to 18 satellites, manufacturers of components of location have already presented their new chips of location supporting the European GNSS. This allowed the Spanish company BQ to propose early September the first smartphone "Galileo-ready., equipped with the processorQualcomm Snapdragon 652, the Aquarius X 5 more.

We could expect to find the same chip in the iPhone 7 from Apple, that fitted for the iPad and iPhone 4S 3 all its mobile devices with Qualcomm communication processors, integrating GPS reception (US) and GLONASS (Russian), it is not. With this latest smartphone, Apple revives Broadcom, waived for 2012 to ensure these functions, by integrating a chip BCM47734.

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The 14 March 2011 I had announce the opening of an e-commerce website focused in accessories, mounts and connexion devices dedicated to iPhone and iPad for marine navigation : iPadNav.fr. Since then, its founder and I have maintained a close collaboration, our complementary actions to make an effective response to all new users of these wonderful tools suitable for nautical activities. Many of you were able to meet me on several occasions on his stand, both the Grand Pavois de La Rochelle and the Paris Nautic boat show.

After three years of existence, Dominique Gauthier company has grown considerably, at the point of wanting to expand its offer to other users than boating : outdoor sports, hiking, trekking, fitness, and all the leisure time activities for which many targeted applications are now available, so much for Apple devices than for the market growth of Android devices.

Thus, iPadNav has announced in a press release the change of name of its website in iTabNav.fr July 1 2014, in a desire to open his offers to all useful accessories for tablets and smartphones, regardless of brand or operating system, and for all leisure activities.

Hope that this new extended offering meet the same success as for leisure boating and sailing, because iTabNav.fr will offer on a unique french website of the specialized products scattered on multiple foreign websites. With service and a local french support as a bonus.