The 14 March 2011 I had announce the opening of an e-commerce website focused in accessories, mounts and connexion devices dedicated to iPhone and iPad for marine navigation : Since then, its founder and I have maintained a close collaboration, our complementary actions to make an effective response to all new users of these wonderful tools suitable for nautical activities. Many of you were able to meet me on several occasions on his stand, both the Grand Pavois de La Rochelle and the Paris Nautic boat show.

After three years of existence, Dominique Gauthier company has grown considerably, at the point of wanting to expand its offer to other users than boating : outdoor sports, hiking, trekking, fitness, and all the leisure time activities for which many targeted applications are now available, so much for Apple devices than for the market growth of Android devices.

Thus, iPadNav has announced in a press release the change of name of its website in July 1 2014, in a desire to open his offers to all useful accessories for tablets and smartphones, regardless of brand or operating system, and for all leisure activities.

Hope that this new extended offering meet the same success as for leisure boating and sailing, because will offer on a unique french website of the specialized products scattered on multiple foreign websites. With service and a local french support as a bonus.


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  1. Don't forget the pilots of leisure, large users of tablets, accessoires et logiciel de géo-positionnement 😉

  2. iTabNav will be in the continuity of iPadNav and will remain very focused on the iPad and boating. iTabNav is for the moment a bet because if smartphones and Android tablets have conquered large market shares, There is still little accessories and software for serious boating use. Proponents of the iPad can therefore be reassured on the relevance and sustainability of their choice.
    Important clarification : nothing changes for current users of iPadNav who meet their account and their history on the new site, all links being redirected !
    RDV July 1 !

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