The price of Navionics Gold

A point on the price of Navionics Gold , depending of media, is necessary. I will use as an example folio (called Region by éditor) 46XG that concerns us directly :

Folio des cartes 46XG

Folio maps 46XG

• On a stand-SD Card or CF-Card for chartplotters = $329 thus about 225 € (238 € Dealers French)
• Downloaded from the website for MacENC or Fugawi Marine = $329 thus about 225 €
• Downloaded from the website for iNavX / iPhone = $35 ($64 launch in April) thus about 24 € which must be added $10 (about 7 €) Annual account subscription on
• Purchased on iTunes AppStore, including the application Navionics Mobile 3.0 iPhone = 20 €
The amounts are given in euros at the average day.

Price differences between versions Tracers / Mac / PC and iPhone are explained, par le support Navionics, a database provided much less support for the iPhone, and this for obvious reasons of storage space available. The level of information and detail is the same for all media (these are exactly the same cards) but the wealth of additional information is much higher for plotters / Mac / PC.

Anyway… Do you believe it, yourself ?