Reading : "The Voyage of Magellan 1519-1522 "Editions Chandeigne

magellanThis time I make you discover a book that I have at the moment of order, not yet read, charmed I was by the rave article from Olivier Chapuis on his webblog.

I have pleasure to send you read it and leave you alone judges. Here 1088 pages that go spend my next days at sea !

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all !

[Update 25 February 2011] Finally finished reading, I was not disappointed ! This historical relationship, highlighted by a thorough study of the texts collected on this trip, lets get an idea of the incredible adventure performed on vessels of modest size, heavily loaded, in a crowded we could not imagine today.

Captain-General Ferdinand Magellan led his crew in a maritime conquest, motivated by the "war of spices" that the Spanish and Portuguese were then waging, which very few manage to finish this first world tour in recorded history. A great moment of reading !

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