Weather4D Routing User Guide & Navigation

New publication of User Guide with Weather4D Routing & Navigation in French version. Warning, It's about a New version to download which replaces the previous one (¹). The old guide should be removed from your library in the Apple Books app.

The main new feature is the addition of the instructions for use of Navygatio to which are added several corrections and updates of illustrations. Thereafter, the manual update process will resume as usual from this version 1.0.

Weather4D Routing & Navigation User Guide is also available in English.

(¹) Publishers are now required to design books with Apple Pages (replacing iBooks Author discontinued) and it is not possible to publish with Pages an update to a book originally designed with iBooks Author. So this is a new download (for free).


4 Replies to “Weather4D User Manual Routing & Navigation”

  1. Hello Francis,
    I updated the W4D R app&N, but I can't find the Weather4D Routing User Manual update & French version navigation on the Apple Store.
    I'm in Switzerland, is it for this reason ?
    Thanks in advance for the answer. JMP

    1. I can't send you an email: « »: Recipient address rejected: Domain not found. Please call me from Friday +33645062096

  2. Thank you Francis
    Big job. Bravo
    And concerning navygatio, I solved my problem for opening the software on PC. It was a configuration problem. I had to allow the site to use cookies and third-party cookies which I normally block.

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