Weather4D and iOS Local Network

From iOS / iPadOS version 14.5, a new setting has appeared proposing to allow application access to the Local network. This option is offered when installing a new application, but is not necessarily activated if the application is already installed when updating the OS.

Since then, many of you can no longer connect certain applications (Weather4D, iNavX, aso.) to devices connected via Wi-Fi : Iridium GO!®, multiplexers, various NMEA gateways. To do this, you must activate this "Local network" option for the application concerned.

Either in the iOS Settings of the applications :

Either in the Privacy Settings :

Note : in some cases, it will be necessary, despite this activation, reset your device's Wi-Fi connection beforehand (Iridium GO!®, multiplexer, NMEA gateway,…) by the function "Forget this network" :

An advice : every time you update your operating system, check that these parameters remain unchanged, and above all do not wait for the day of departure !


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  1. very helpful article ! Thank you very much for this "troubleshooting". One less worry before summer.

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