Weather4D User Guides and SplitView Feature [Update]

For those who don't know yet, from iOS 11 it is possible to run two applications simultaneously on an iPad in landscape mode (¹). This is particularly useful for consulting the User Guides depending versions of Weather4D while handling the application.

Guides are downloaded into the Apple app " Books ", and can therefore be viewed, with the videos they include, in parallel with the application. This is the reason why the videos were shot in portrait mode so that they could be viewed in a half window.

A little video is better than a long explanation :

You can thus navigate through the manual with all the functions offered in the "Books" application without leaving the Weather4D application.

[iPadOS Update 15 from 21 September 2021]

With iPadOS 15 the SplitView feature becomes much easier to execute. Any application that supports this feature will show, once opened, a symbol (•••) in the center of the upper Dateline of the iPad. A tap on this symbol will open a popup allowing to select the desired screen sharing mode (50/50 or 2/3-1/3). A tap on one of the displayed icons then offers the choice of the second application to open. Extremely easy for those who are uncomfortable with the icon dragging in the video above, considering that the old method remains for the regulars.

(¹) Read the entry iOS 11 and navigation applications




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