maré : real-time tide forecasts

Our friend Guillaume Bolo, the first in France to have offered for many years a sophisticated web interface with the predictions of SHOM - maré - is also the developer of the excellent application marée info for iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch. Copied but never equaled by SHOM itself, which eventually drop the case, it will offer us a great change soon…

Search for ports will be accessible by a map showing the stations accompanied by a real-time tide gauge that look great.

Selecting stations on iPad

But unlike AyeTides - global tides application which I assure the French version - the map remains available offline, it is built-in the application.

A tap on the icon of a station and a glance gives instant essential information. The label shows the symbol for quick access to retail windows : tide clock, tidalgraph and calendar of coefficients.

marée info on iPhone

Only missing in this excellent application is to adapt to 'Slide Over' and 'Split View' iOS 11 function to come close to perfection. Recall that the data is provided under SHOM license through an annual fee charged to developer, which requires a subscription to the data available in the application (with 1,09 € up to 5,49 € according to period). SHOM not yet submitted, apparently it, to’Open data.



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  1. Bjr
    Is there a tutorial to maré I have not yet understood the various displays and especially the seizure threshold and probe.
    Thank you

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