iNavX and iOS4

ios4You are aware that the posting of the new OS iOS4 iPhone and iPod Touch will be available today in the course of the day, through synchronization of your (s) Devices with iTunes. For iPad, it was not until the fall.

About iNavX, Richard Ray has just written :

iOS 4 should be available tomorrow (21/06/2010). Only apps that are specifically built for iOS 4 can take advantage of multitasking or task-switching. iNavX 3.1.0 and later will support this feature.

Patience, therefore…

[Update 01/07/2010] iNavX 3.1.0 is available the AppStore.


2 Replies to “iNavX et iOS4

  1. Euhhh, I am updating on my iPhone Ios4 3 GS and since, problem, the phone automatically after cutting 4/5 conversation minutes, black screen more apple … correction 4.0.1 is announced and in the meantime I am saving … Nice bug anyway …

    1. The trouble is that this kind of malfunction is random, and does not affect all units. For my part I encountered no problem with the mine, but it is true that I practice quite short conversations with the mobile.

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