Miniplex-2wi and Configuration Utility for Mac OS X [Update-2]

Company ShipModul website has directed a version Mac OS X, the configuration utility MPX-Config configuration utility for the multiplexer Miniplex-2Wi (¹). It is now available in Downloads section of their website. This utility allows to make the multiplexer settings without going through Windows.

[Update 2/11/2014] MPX-Config V.3.70.0 is compatible with OS 10.10 « Yosemite ». It manages the firmware 3.30 and sup. of the Miniplex-2Wi. You will need to connect your Miniplex to a Mac (as Windows PC) with the USB cable, After having first downloaded and installed this latest version, as the last driver USB supplied on the web site of ShipModul (²). You must be connected to the Internet, is WiFi, in 3G / 4G, sharing if necessary cellular connection.

1. Updating the firmware

Connect Miniplex-2wi to 12V. then connect the USB cable to your Mac. At the launch of MPX-Config, you must select the device from the dropdown menu and click on the "Connect" button :


Le Miniplex apparaît désormais comme « usbseriel-2500xxxx »

If the Miniplex does not appear, is that the driver is not the right, ou bien to installe. It will start the installation by checking for having downloaded the latest version.

[Update] With the latest driver USB V.2.0 for OS X 10.9+, port is now called " usbserial-2500xxxx » (rather than «» MiniPlex-2500xxxx ») and speed should be set up to connect (115200).

The firmware version is displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the window :

The utility check the firmware version and offers an automatic update if necessary :

You can also run the update manually via the menu :

If the version is later than Miniplex you downloaded, an alert will notify you :

The utility will download the latest firmware from ShipModul server and will proceed with its installation.

You will then need to check the version of the WiFi module by typing the command PSMDWI,V which will return the version number of the WiFi module : $PSMDWI,SEE,4.xx. and check from ShipModul website if this is the latest version.

If you need to upgrade the WiFi module, scrupulously follow the instructions in the Readme file., written in French, provided with WiFi download package on the website ShipModul.

2. Setting the Miniplex2-Wi

MPX-Config allows you to adjust the input / output NMEA ports. Mainly IN1 port rate is set at 38400 bps to connect the AIS. IN2 and IN3 ports at 4800 bps for other devices (GPS, Nav Center NMEA 0183). IN4 port can be used to connect a Raymarine SeaTalk network, in this case from the dropdown field Input Mode select «SeaTalk». The data is then translated into NMEA sentences.

Out1 port is generally used for the autopilot. iNavX uses to send NMEA data in order to run autopilot in "Navigation" mode. The Out2 port is used for other instruments (Repeater, chartplotter). Warning, if AIS data are sent to, it will adjust the minimum 38400 bps, or more to avoid overflow, this means saturation of the received data and lock the multiplexer working.

A detailed leaflet of 44 French pages allows a more complex configuration. It is available for download at the top of the page Downloads : some advanced features are used with caution being sure to carefully control what you do, avoid especially go fiddling around in the last tab filters.

(¹) See article Miniplex-2Wi, the new WiFi multiplexer for iPad and iPhone
(²) V2.0 pour OS X 10.9+, V1.0 for previous OS.


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  1. Hello, not knowing what is the 2wi Miniplex, well… from the beginning to the end of the article I did not understand n, even the reading 3 time…
    Through a few sentences, I guess this device is not the dishes but must be used to transmit data from navigation devices to an iPad or iPhone on board.
    I still do not see the point and yet there must be a ?
    When that computer specialists speak plain? En Français Normal… just for the boater that I am. Boater on a catamaran Mahe 36, yet I am equipped with hardware and user Furuno autopilot, a sounder, a card reader, an anemometer, of a weather vane with repeater, d'a Macintosh, d’un iPad , Navionics charts on iPad, et the Weather 4Dpro. But here I am overwhelmed, article incompréhensible .
    Multiplexer, firmware, driver, NMEA, Router, FTP, port IN1, bps, this would not talk to me…au secours Francis.
    Happy surfing to all

    1. There are at bottom of the article a link to a previous post explaining what is a multiplexer :
      (¹) See article Miniplex-2Wi, the new WiFi multiplexer for iPad and iPhone.
      You will also find information on my site on different devices to connect instruments aboard an iPad, iPhone or Mac. There are two pages to follow.
      I also said on my website and my blog I do training for all browsers interested in these subjects. I'd be happy to enlighten you.

  2. …and the speed regulator, on how the branch ? 🙂
    this is a joke of course, thank you for this detailed article.

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