MiniPlex-3 new firmware 3.6.0 [Update]

Warning : This article is for advanced users only. ShipModul has just released a new firmware MiniPlex-3 (V.3.6.0) and an updated version of the utility MPXConfig3 (V.3.6.0) PC/Windows. This is an update for improvements and bug fixes. Beginners abstain 😉

[Update 14 March 2022] ShipModul notify :

One little SeaTalk bug remained in V3.6.0 and is now fixed in V3.6.1 : a wind angle greater than 327.68° would be converted to 0° or another random value in Datagram 10 (Apparent Wind Angle).

The following items have been added since firmware V.3.4.0 :

  • Added sentence conversion of BWC, BWR and WCV (¹) in NMEA 2000 (and SeaTalk).
  • The navigation calculation mode field in PGN 129284 is set to Great Circle when BWC is received and to Rhumb Line when BWR is received. Receiving only APB or RMB will always set the navigation calculation mode to Great Circle, while concurrent reception of BWC or BWR overrules this to the correct mode.
  • When transmission of BWC/BWR is enabled in MPXConfig3, the WCV sentence is now also transmitted.
  • Conversion from true heading to magnetic heading now outputs an HDG sentence instead of HDM. The HDM sentence is deprecated but can still be generated using the NMEA V1.5 option of NMEA Out2.

Bug fixes :

  • Fixed a bug when transmitting PGN 130306 from a received MWD sentence (²) . When one of the direction fields in this sentence was empty, the PGN 130306 corresponding (wind, ground referenced to True North/Magnetic North) would be transmitted with either a random wind direction or with the direction field marked as Invalid.

MPXConfig3 V.3.6.0 :

  • The Manufacturer Code-Table NMEA 2000 has been updated. Several new manufacturers were added, as well as the missing code for Furuno. This table is used to fill the "Manufacturer" column in the NMEA 2000 Devices window.
  • Captions of heading conversions have been changed. HDM (deprecated) is removed from "Heading Magnetic <-> True " and THS is added to "Reverse Heading " (Reverse Heading).
  • The Port selector now shows "friendly" port names like "MiniPlex-3 Serial Port (COM3) " instead of just "COM3" (installation with PC/ Windows).
  • Fixed a bug that would still shows a "Multiplexer does not respond " (message) when the "Disconnect" button was clicked before the communication time out was expired.

Firmware V.3.6.0 is embedded in MPXConfig3 V.3.6.0.

At this time the utility MPXConfig3 is only available for Windows.. ShipModul announces that it will be able to re-release a macOS version of MPXConfig3 V3 by the end of March.

(¹) WCV – Waypoint Closure Velocity = speed of approach to waypoint. NMEA 0183 sentence equivalent to VMC (Velocity Made on Course) in navigation.
(²) MWD – Wind Direction & Speed = Speed and direction of the wind. "Exotic" NMEA 0183 sentence not widely used.

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