Navigate with iSailor [Update]

The manual " Navigate with iSailor »In French has just undergone a complete overhaul with Apple Pages.

  • Much more readable portrait format interface
  • Revision of illustrations
  • Revision of links
  • Revision of the glossary
  • Insertion of a summary with return from all pages
  • Various text corrections.

From the purchase of cards to the most advanced functions, this manual covers all the functions of the application in an exhaustive way., with over fifty screenshots, 19 videos, over more than 80 pages, including a detailed glossary.

This work had replaced the original version in V in November 2021 (*).

[Update V.1.2 of the 12/03/2022] Improvement and corrections of the summary, link corrections.

(*) Publishers now have to design the books with the app Apple Pages(replacing iBooks Author discontinued) and it is not possible to publish with Pages an update to a book originally designed with iBooks Author. This is therefore a new purchase.