Share GRIB files with Air Share [Update]

You are more likely to have adopted the Iridium GO! for its easy way to request GRIB files, directly from Weather4D and some other applications. But some also want to transfer these files to PC to import them into Windows software (as you know, nobody is perfect !). An easy solution is available : the messaging app Air Share, compatible iOS/iPadOS (¹). [Update 30 March 2022] Warning : the app has changed its ID code on the AppStore.

With Iridium GO! you have a wireless access point to which your tablets, smartphones and computers can connect, mini LAN supporting up to five simultaneous connections. Once your devices connected , follow the procedure below :

1. Share GRIB file with Air Share

Once downloaded in Weather4D, the file can be shared :

2. Open Air Share and read the URL you will use to connect to from your computer

Your GRIB files are stored in "Other Files" folder. The URL is always the same, this does not have to be repeated.

3. Connect your computer via Wi-Fi to Iridium access point

Open your favorite browser and enter the retrieved URL :

You will see the window appear Air Share with its files, GRIB files in "Other Files" have only to be downloaded. Once saved in your browser, this address will be quickly accessible.

4. Import GRIB file in your software

Then just open your favorite software to open files saved there, as below with zyGrib :

(¹) There are also other methods offered by Apple