Miniplex-3Wi-N2K : Major updates

ShipModul manufacturer comes to provide on its web site two major updates to dowload for its multiplexer Miniplex-3 :

  • Firmware Miniplex-3 V.1.17
  • Firmware Wireless V.1.4

Two update files, featured with a procedure (in English), are packaged in a single folder WiFi V1.4.0.0. Download. The implementation can be done with the configuration utility MPX-Config V.2.1.0 minimum, available in PC and Mac versions.

Miniplex-3 V.1.17

Necessary to operate the new Wi-Fi V.1.4 firmware, adds the following functions :

  • NKE Support : support of some NKE proprietary NMEA sentences used by the manufacturer to add ASCII characters not supported by the NMEA0183 standard. The new firmware provides compatibility with these specific sentences.
  • NMEA 2000 – AIS targets class B : the Miniplex-3 converts the PGNs (¹) NMEA2000 V.2.0 in sentences NMEA0183. New firmware provides support for converting standard NMEA2000 V3.0 PGNs for AIS Class B targets to NMEA0183. This last standard is still used by many AIS transponders (²) including Raymarine.

Wi-Fi V.1.4

Support of TCP and UDP modes of TCP/IP protocol (³). The TCP mode allows only one device (client mode) to receive data from a transmitter (server), the UDP mode allows multiple connections. The new Wi-Fi firmware allows you to connect up to 4 devices simultaneously to the Miniplex-3 in UDP, one of the devices can also connect at the same time one application in UDP and a second one in TCP.

Update procedure

You should use the utility MPX-Config (latest version) from a Mac or a PC. These must be connected both with the supplied USB cable AND Wi-Fi to the multiplexer powered 12V. It will be available in USB only if a suitable driver was previously installed (download from Downloads ShipModul's website, not from the CD-ROM).

Follow step-to-step procedure provided with the firmware files, first update firmware, and then Wi-Fi. The operation only takes a few minutes. Updates run in a few tens of seconds.

(¹) PGN = acronym for NMEA2000 sentences Parameter Group Numbers
(²) See https/
(³) TCP/IP means "Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol" and is pronounced "T-C-P-I-P". TCP/IP is a communication protocol, client-server, consisting of a set of standardized rules of communication on the internet and is based on a technique to provide an IP address that is unique to each computer on the network in order to route data packets.


3 Replies to “Miniplex-3Wi-N2K : Major updates”

  1. The firmware of the miniplex MAJ 2 Wi is simple and automatic.
    However, the shift of wifi is very restrictive and can't stand no error handling
    Personally after good galley with the depot for the previous I abstained this time because everything works even without shift of Wifi.
    For the 3 Wi I hope for owners that it is simpler.
    Same shipmodul acknowledges that the shift Wifi of 2 are a galley which is generating a lot of requests for assistance

  2. Este that it also works for the 2WI ?
    I've never managed to operate my 2WI. It receives the sentences but does not broadcast them, or USB, or WiFi.

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