Get a route from a design in MacENC (continue)


Draw selection

Since my article 20 November about the subject, the version 7.40 of MacENC brought the possibility to draw straight lines on the map with the "Annotation" tool.



This can now create routes more easily than freehand, creating less of waypoints.

The principle is the same explained in the previous article, the procedure remains the same.


trace lignes

Plot lines

The change is that now you can draw multiple lines following, as so many successive road sections, and then add them to the road, as explained in the previous article (point 7), by flying over successively by applying the "Add to Route". The waypoints will be automatically created position in the list of waypoints in the route, all along your selections.


ajout des waypoints

Waypoints added to the road

A much anticipated feature that will satisfy many users !



2 Replies to "Get a route from a drawing in MacENC" (continue)”

  1. Hello,
    This function is very useful, but … home, overview of the annotation produced results quite random, mostly the dotted line does not appear, and I can delete this trace only through preferences.
    Is there a manip I realize evil ?
    Thank you in advance,
    And congratulations for your site and your blog, I advance step by step with MacENC.
    A supplementary : consider yourself a good idea to connect a mac to 24/24 with an onboard transformer 220 on the cigarette lighter ? Are there other solutions without tinkering with wiring (i.e.. temporary boarding a boat that is not mine, and that I must leave as) ?

    1. It does require a little practice, but arrives. However, I will share your comment to the developer.
      For the power of a computer on board, it is always best to choose a solution that does not pass through the 220. The majority of Macs being fed 16 18V., going through a transformation of 12V to 220V edge down in 16/18V generates losses harmful to your batteries. See the different solutions that I identified from my website. Personally I embark on my MacBook with MikeGyver charger that plugs into a cigarette lighter..

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