Receive AIS data wirelessly with iNavX


I explained, in a recent post, on receiving NMEA data from instruments on board without going through a Mac (or PC) aboard. It is now possible to do the same for receiving AIS data with an iPad or iPhone.

Digital Yacht has developed a new AIS receiver designed for use with mobile devices from Apple. iAIS, is its name, WiFi transmits navigation data received from vessels to dedicated applications on iPhone or iPad via TCP / IP. Featured with AIS dual-channel A and B receiver, It also allows applications to access consistent data NMEA instruments aboard.

How it works ?

IAIS communicates with Apple's mobile WiFi. It requires a simple connection to a standard antenna VHF dedicated, or the VHF antenna by adding an edgesplitter. IPhone users or iPad must enable WiFi and connect to WiFi network IAIS. No Internet connection is necessary, no bulky cable to connect. AIS data (providing information such as position, name, call sign, MMSI number, course and speed of vessels) are then available to any compliant application.
IAIS may also be multiplexed with other NMEA data available on the boat, GPS or instruments, and forward combined with those of AIS. Some users may prefer to use the GPS data from the onboard device rather than the location services of an iPhone or iPad. In addition to WiFi, two outputs NMEA0183 and USB allow a direct connection to a Mac, a PC or chartplotter.

WiFi network between the IAIS and mobile

With which it works ?

The most suitable application for iPhone and iPad is naturally iNavX, which manages TCP / IP and supports real-time reception and display all NMEA data. iNavX selectively displays AIS targets on the chart, and vessels information.
Digital Yacht offers on the AppStore a standalone display of AIS target information and how to display a RADAR, developed by Richard Ray (Designer iNavX, MacENC and GPSNavX). This application is free but does not support mapping.
IAIS is also compatible with PC and any application (Android, Windows Mobile, aso.) knowing how to manage the transfer of wireless data (TCP/IP) for navigation information.

Implemented with iNavX :


Settings on the iPhone then iNavX

  • Open Settings from iPhone / iPad
  • Select "WiFi"
  • Activate "Wi-Fi" to "ON"
  • Choisir «DY-iAIS-XXXX». If another network is already selected, click the blue arrow button, then "Forget this Network"
Exit Settings and launch iNavX. In the Preferences select "TCP / IP NMEA Client" :
  • Host : enter " "
  • Port : enter "2000 "
  • Activate "Location services" on "I" if no GPS data is sent to the iAIS. This will allow iNavX to use location services on the iPhone / iPad
  • Set "Active" to "ON"
  • Close with the "Save" button

iais appstore

The application is available free on the AppStore, two versions for iPhone and iPad. We will easily recognize on the screens the " design touch » de Richard Ray.

iais plotter

Digital Yacht has made this video, dubbed in French, for explanation :


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  1. I, I am quite tempted, in any case a test. Unless you do test it yourself, Canet in Gib, not bad, after, arrival at Colon, there are people, well then you can turn it off ! And the more I master the accents, Francis thank you again for your advice and when to Ipad, finally adopted.

  2. Big thank you for all the info, it's fantastic as an evolution.
    There are caveats : late availability 11/2010 and the price 399$ + VAT.
    Fana de l'Ipad et de iNax, I use the AIS AIS receiver ADVANSEA RX-100, USB connection on a PC.
    My question : Is it possible to connect a wireless transmitter for use with my iPad?
    Good response – principle – is yes but do you have a board, to propose a solution?
    Thank you and good luck.

    1. I do not think 290 € duty free or a flat. Will, let's be serious, How much is a 3G iPad ? All navigation instruments are expensive because for a reduced public, So a low volume of sales. Otherwise, end of November is a month, you have a need so urgent ?
      I do not know your model AIS, but you can still use the Digi Connect Wi-SP I mentioned on this blog. Alas, it is 337$ by B&B Electronics.

  3. Is this AIS wifi receiver compatible with the "marine navionics" application ?

  4. It's really interesting info .
    I dared not expect the output of such a product that gives even more credibility to the iPad .
    In any case, AIS is not a luxury for night fishing trips near home or between Marseille and Martigues near 80 tankers at anchor … (I'm sure the owners have already Shipfinder cast a glance !!)

    Again thank you to Francis for this good news !

    It remains to see price … If there is more to be concerned about the site, we can negotiate a price …?

  5. Really’ IPAD ….is fabulous. And fortunately, we benefit from the expertise and generosity of Francis Fustier without which we would miss many things.

    Thank you

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