Weather4D and iOS Local Network

From iOS / iPadOS version 14.5, a new setting has appeared proposing to allow application access to the Local network. This option is offered when installing a new application, but is not necessarily activated if the application is already installed when updating the OS.

Since then, many of you can no longer connect certain applications (Weather4D, iNavX, aso.) to devices connected via Wi-Fi : Iridium GO!®, multiplexers, various NMEA gateways. To do this, you must activate this "Local network" option for the application concerned. Read more …

Controlling a Windows PC from an iPad [Update]

(First published on 8 December 2010)

Dear Friends macusers, the approach of Christmas, we need to be charitable, particularly towards users of Windows PC. Indeed, before the influx of requests on how to control a Windows application from an iPad, not having provided a tutorial (*) for Mac users, I feel indebted to a small tutorial for windowsusers.

[Updated 22/08/2020]

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Iridium GO! A positive feedback [Update]

Iridium GO! cruising

Since it was introduced to the market in September 2014 (Eh, yes, 5 years ago !) this device, with its indisputable ergonomics and excellent quality/price ratio, has become a must-have for offshore sailors. Easy to implement, without the need for an external antenna (except metal build) it can be used inside the boat.

A test run of several weeks, conducted in October and November 2016 during a transatlantic delivery, had already demonstrated its ability to download GRIB weather files and weather maps despite the low rate (about 10 KB / mn). With the new Iridium NEXT constellation (¹) we notice since 2019 a real improvement in the global coverage without satellite disconnection.

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Weather4D and SailGrib improve the AIS network

Many AIS tracking networks broadcast over the Internet are available. Among the best known : Marine Traffic, Vessel Finder, SiiTech, LocalizaTodo, and many others. One of these networks especially stands out, AISHub, an AIS NMEA data sharing center, which provides developers with an API for integration of its network in applications, and therefore display of AIS targets received over the Internet directly into the application. Featured from the beginning in Weather4D Routing & Navigation, this system has made it possible to envisage new and particularly innovative services. Read more …

Signal K Project, universal open source marine data sharing

You will soon hear about Signal K, a marine data communication standard, developed in open source, which aims to replace the standard NMEA (0183 and 2000) technically overwhelmed by the exponential development of connected objects. Designers intend to make an open and free protocol developers and industrial customers, allowing to get over the constraints linked to the NMEA : cost of licenses, flow limits, limit the number and type of devices, failure to adapt to complex environments, wireless communications, therefore incompatible with the Internet of Things and the Internet itself.

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Iridium unifies the use of its mobile devices

Since the release of Iridium GO! (¹) There were two different pages of subscription (for free) to messaging service, and two applications (iOS/Android) to connect to the Iridium devices. Now there is only one application : Iridium Mail & Web to connect to the router Optimizer, either Iridium GO! Read more …

Iridium GO! keeps its promises [Update]

Since its announcement last February, the GO! is expected to come from dealers at the beginning of this month. Company E SAT gave me one to conduct some tests. Although too late to perform these tests at sea, the Quai des Antilles on the Ile de Nantes offers a wide sky clearance also than the deck of a boat, enough to connect satellites of all-round. Two types of test were conducted : requests and receipts of GRIB weather files from an iPad featured with Weather4D PRO app, functions related to the telephony from an iPhone.

Iridium GO! in the Buren Rings on the Quay of Antilles. An invitation to travel ?

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With IsatHub, Inmarsat promises to connect - much - faster [Update]

After the announcement with great pump of the GO! by Iridium few month ago, but not yet available, Inmarsat has introduced IsatHub at CommunicAsia show which just closed its doors in Singapur. The competition is tough between the two industrial, but unlike Iridium more oriented towards mainstream users, Inmarsat is aimed primarily at a professional market.

IsatHub is a WiFi hotspot allowing to connect all mobile devices to Inmarsat satellite network. No need cellular towers, IsatHub provides aworldwide connectivity to your tablets and smartphones.
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Iridium GO! promises to connect you – nearly – anywhere

Iridium GO!We read in the news

Global satellite company aims at the consumer market with Iridium GO!™ : pack it for camping or world travel (¹).

In all public places where you can connect wirelessly to the Internet today, Wi-Fi is not yet ubiquitous. And if you are a boater, backpacker, pilot, camper or someone who spends a lot of time in nature, the chance to connect to cyberspace in some remote locations is almost impossible. It is not just data. Try making a cellular phone call in such places !

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