Receive NMEA 2000 data with iNavX

ngw1It is now possible to connect a N2K system (¹) to iNavX, on iPhone or iPad.

Indeed, Actisense company, well known for its NMEA interfaces (multiplexers and gateways), designed the NGW-1 ISO, an NMEA 2000 converter to NMEA 0183 and vice versa. Connected to a Miniplex-2Wi de ShipModul ou un WLN10 device, the converted data will be sent via WiFi to iNavX.

A NMEA 2000 system generally has GPS receiver and other instruments.

schema nmea2000

NMEA 2000 standard scheme

Connect a Actisense NGW-1 to ISO-Miniplex 2wi :

  • White wire from the NGW-1 connector of the IN1, IN2 or IN3 of Miniplex
  • Blue wire connector NGW-1 B IN1, IN2 or IN3 of Miniplex

If you use iNavX with an iPad, and you have an autopilot NMEA 2000, you can send NMEA data 0183 to it :

  • Thread of the NGW-1 connector A of the OUT1 Miniplex
  • Black wire from the NGW-1 to B connector of the OUT1 Miniplex

Connect the NGW-1 (ISO) to backbone NMEA 2000. Then bind to iNavX Miniplex-2wi (see ²).

NGW1 - Miniplex-2Wi

Connect a Actisense NGW-1 ISO to a WLN10 :

  • White wire from NGW-1 NMEA In connector of WLN10
  • Blue wire from NGW-1 to NMEA In- You WLN10

Connect the NGW-1 (ISO) to backbone NMEA 2000. Link follows in iNavX WLN10 (see ³)

NGW1 - WLN10

(¹) N2K : U.S. abbreviation NMEA 2000 (N 2 kilos).

(²) Miniplex-2Wi, the new WiFi multiplexer for iPad and iPhone

(³) See’iNavX Help


3 Replies to “Receive NMEA Data 2000 data with iNavX”

  1. Hello Richard

    Age related vision decline, and my card reader Raymarine is not a model of vision. Very cautious in terms of maritime innovation, However, I installed a wireless network (multiplexer IMUX) my boat on a trial basis. Indeed the proposed rates for good-sized screens are staggering and iPad seems a very good solution as repeater instruments, seen as replacing the onboard computer for navigation through iNavX.

    For my part the installation is very well spent, it has functioned on the first try (thanks to very clear indications of the site of Francis !). The compass is absolutely not disturbed and the driver either. I limited the experiment to an iPhone until the release of iPad2.
    I hold on France during the final establishment.

    Regarding the "complexity of the installation" there are three wires to connect (!) on ST2000
    Have no fear , start blogging !

  2. Hello,
    Firstly a big thank you for your blog very informative in many ways.
    Let me ask you a question for review .
    I am currently awaiting a Solenn 32 sites Franck Roy Marans with which I will do mainly coastal navigation .
    I thought the fit of a loch speedo sounder , vane anemometer with Tacktick wireless all connected to a pilot Raymarine ST 2000 More .
    I thought to connect the data from these intruments by muliplexeur imus able to transmit a wireless iPad .
    Yet the shipyard , after request for advice from a supplier of electronic Rochelle(famous) , I recommend this type of installation for the following reasons :establishment wave that can disrupt electronic compass , very complex setting aside more units 50 feet,….
    They advise me of Ulises iPad separately with its mapping software .
    In view of your various articles, I felt that we pouvaoit without creating a big problem with WiFi and iPad Multiplexor;
    Thank you for your opinion and your advice.
    National R

    1. There is no difficulty in connecting instrumentation providing NMEA data to an iPhone or an application with iPad iNavX. These devices are no more units for large and small, quite the contrary : low, compact, etc. But it is clear that this is overshadowing the suppliers of specialized electronic. I've made a particular response by mail.

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