TimeZero makes its (mini-r)evolution on iOS

After 3 years without major changes (¹), TimeZero (now under Nobeltec brand) comes on iPad with a new name and a new logo. Doesn't it remind you anything ? A sense of déjà vu ?

TimeZero becomes TZ iBoat. No revolution in the UI, all functions already present in the update 2015 are in place (AIS support, Furuno DRS4W Radar support, current and tide gauges display, etc,). So what's new for this new name ? looking good…

It is in the charts selection that we find a real novelty : the vector charts are now available in addition to MapMedia raster, they are published by C-Map charts.

Prices are about the same as the Navionics charts in Fugawi for iNavX Charts. But looking more closely cutting for Europe is not as interesting. Indeed, geographic areas covered by charts are lower, and in many cases it will buy two charts where one Navionics would suffice. Annual renewal is automatic, up to 50% the initial price. As raster, they can be stored in memory without limitation.

Instantaneous weather information always come streaming from nearby stations (airports, METAR stations ), tide and current data from local hydrographic services.

An evolution, certainly, but not really a revolution.

(¹The new TimeZero arrived



3 Replies to “TimeZero fait sa (mini-r)evolution on iOS”

  1. I have MaxSea TimeZero on iPad with 4 purchased charts and a purchased AIS module. The charts were purchased in 2014, 2016, 2017.

    One thing I _liked_ is that the charts were _purchased_ on TimeZero iPad. My first chart I _bought_ on an iPad Air 2 back in 2014 and late last year I was able to download my old purchase to a new iPad Pro.

    On your graphic above you show « Souscrire » instead of the old « buy » button and you say now « Annual renewal is automatic ».

    Not sure I like that!

  2. It is a pity they have not brought us to integrate with TimeZero Navigator PC, such that the synchronization of waypoints and routes. Navigator remote control on an iPad during navigation, including the control of the autopilot, AIS, and radar seems obvious nowadays with all the manufacturers chart plotter offering such features. Still TimeZero shows no signs in this direction.

    Recently, it seems to me that the price we pay cards on PC, they could allow us to use these maps on iOS at no additional cost!

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