Navionics charts are no longer available for MacENC [Update]

[Update 30 September 2018] Warning : MacENC application is no longer supported by its developers. It no longer reads raster charts and Navionics charts are no longer available. Application is discontinued to date.

Since the upgrade of Navionics Gold to Navionics Plus (¹), Navionics supply disappeared from Fugawi / Charts folder for MacENC. Thinking of a temporary disappearance, I finally asked the Fugawi support who confirmed (between the lines) permanently deleted :

We have removed all the Navionics Gold Titles. Navionics no longer support these charts and updates have not been available since January. We feel like even though we did give a notice that these were outdated charts, it was unfair for the consumer to provide them with outdated maps.

It remains to MacENC only raster charts, mainly NV Charts for Europe, and the catalog of official ENC S57 charts, I've discussed the implementation in April 2010 (²).

This is very bad news for MacENC users, whose access to Navionics global charting was an important asset. Alas, Garmin's certainly been there…

(¹) Navionics Sonar Charts available for iNavX [Update-2]
(²) Activate charts from Fugawi/Charts for GPSNavX/MacENC



12 Replies to “Les cartes Navionics ne sont plus disponibles pour MacENC [Update]”

  1. J’ai commencé le transfert ..
    un iPad pro avec GPS ….
    left to read your notes and tutorials to understand what cards to .. and suddenly the choice Navionic pose the same short-term problem ?

    And I remember why no training at some future time ..
    see you soon , then …

  2. Ah , ben zut.. mon mac mini ( un ancien de 2009 avec allim extérieur..)..marche toujours sans Pb il va falloir que je jette tout et change même mon multiplexeur pour en avoir un en WiFi ..
    Good, en plus il va falloir que je me coltine tous les tutoriels de Francis pour adapter et comprendre mon futur iPad, 4D et les cartesPfff!
    j’aime plus ce monde où tout ce qui a 10 ans est préhistorique

    c’est définitif cet abandon ?



    1. c’est définitif cet abandon ?

      Je crains bien que oui 🙁
      Francis, il te reste deux solutions : soit tu viens faire une petite formation chez moi (ce sera avec plaisir), ce qui maintiendra tes neurones en bonne activité, either you take the old tools from our beginnings… About alignments and sextant


  3. Hello Francis,


    Recently I upgraded to MacOS 10.14. MacENC will no longer load raster charts. ENC charts seem unaffected. I have contacted Jim at MacENC support and they are aware of the problem as is Jon Longworth the developer of BoatLogix Go.

    1. As I wrote, other charting is available at Fugawi catalog, as raster NV Charts. One can use ENC S-57 vector charts. But all are not so easy to use.

  4. This has nothing to do with Mac or iPad. It is impossible to get acces to vector navigation charts for a software developer. Navionics offers only an API for their application not for charts.

    1. Sorry, Oliver, iNavX uses for a while Navionics Charts from Fugawi platform, on iPad and Android devices, with .nv2 files. No need an API. But for how many time? That’s the question.

    1. The question is : what interest today navigate a Mac, when we have ten times better with an iPad for much less ?

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