A new GPS chipset in iPhone 4S ?

iFixit and Chipworks, the two major U.S. websites about dismantling of electronic devices of all kinds, had both recently shelled’iPhone 4S not to mention its GPS chipset.

Yet, a new tech specs page for iPhone 4S, on its website, Apple announces October 19 th location based on assisted GPS and GLONASS. Damned !

As you are aware, GLONASS is the Russian satellite navigation system, rival the American GPS system (and the future European system Galileo if it ever will born !). Despite some setbacks encountered over the years, Russian system now includes 22 fully operational satellites, using the same coordinate system WGS 84 the U.S. GPS (¹) .

It is now Qualcomm which provides Apple with the chipset features. This is the MDM6610 modem processor, an extension of the MDM6600 equipping the iPhone 4, which now includes a GPS chipset that meets the specifications announced in addition to the functions of communication modem.

All this clarified, it remains to be seen the real benefit provided by this new chipset for our GPS navigation, and forward to receiving the joint position of Russian and American satellites for the accuracy of our position all around the world. Allow me to doubt, at least with regard to maritime navigation. I suspect rather a commercial approach to conquer these markets.

(¹) See Glossary


2 Replies to “A new GPS chipset in the iPhone 4S ?”

  1. Maybe it brings an added bonus after the navigation area ?
    In any case, I noticed one of iNavX hangs slightly longer in the South Pacific …
    Good day to all !

    1. For my own, in Reunion, no difference with Europe. The GPS constellation is uniform around the globe, it can not be differences of reception of a point on the globe to the other. The problem is also…

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