Updated iOS5 and iNavX

Richard Ray tells us :

I noticed after updating to iOS 5 all my downloaded maps in iNavX disappeared. This occurred because the iOS update 5 update requires a full restore of the device and the charts are not stored in the iOS backup (because of iCloud). Let me know if you have a different operating.

To restore any NOAA charts, Select any NOAA region, then select the Recent filter (looks like a clock), then select "Update maps".

To restore any charts from X-Traverse (Navionics, NV-Verlag, Solteknik, aso.) : select the portfolio that you want, select "Update the list of cards", select a card then "Download all".

If you have any problem with your X-Traverse account, contact support@x-traverse.com


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  1. You just check the internet connection is good … An update of iNavX, It's easy to … 200 Mo Letter, is different …

  2. Ditto. Updated just before the start and more cards to login to destination… ready to sail, Obviously it is a mistake. Not that installing updates or error, but do not foresee the consequences and anticipate a need for connectivity is silly.
    Not against, cruising, the problem is not really a. Indeed, If an update is scheduled, is that internet access is available. In this case, check and re-download the portfolio is not really a problem.

  3. same for me with ios5. in addition, I'd like to change my ipad as collateral, I completely lost the first copy of my cards because I did not recognize iNavX hardware. I was forced to download a second copy.

    1. No, and Cache folders. tmp files are only temporary, providing fast access to pages, functions open, etc. charts, documents as iBooks, music files and videos, etc. are stored on the devices by applications, in subfolders of these. iOS5 will never erase these "personal" files.

  4. Also lost everything on the iPad.
    I've found loss of cards by putting the iPad road near Chausey; and I had to wait for the return of the French network to recharge the card and not spend a fortune with the English network roomming.
    I could use the iPhone that had not been updated.
    This is one weakness of the trading system set up with X-Traverse. There is no possibility of my knowledge to create a backup of cards purchased without going through the dedicated server. In the middle of the Atlantic is not easy. Un Iphone + an Iphone in "spare wheel" is of course a solution but Richard Ray should study a solution to protect from this risk.
    Encryption with the serial number of the hardware should prevent the "proliferation" of cards and allow to have a real individualized backup.

  5. After the update IOS 5, I have lost my cards in iNavX.
    I have recharged it but no worries on that without ADSL it would have been more annoying.

  6. Hello everyone,

    I take this note to inform you that for the same reasons (loss of application data after a restore), it is recommended to update your version of Weather4D before coming under IOS 5. The v1.2.1 is available on the App Store a few days.
    Following a recovery, This version automatically rebuilds data files associated with gribs.
    Best regards,

    Olivier Bouyssou

  7. Hello,
    Exactly, I was always afraid of losing my cards after an update, especially following a re-installation of iNavX, and even Sea.
    Indeed, I had a bug with an upgrade starting from the Canary, that I consumed a lot of battery. Yes I know, it is not smart on my part but never, but never had a problem, I did not look out.
    I recovered the next release in the Caribbean, and more problem for, but in transatlantic, I hesitated to downgrade my iPhone with the app remained in the basket, because I was afraid of losing my cards at sea.
    More over, Richard Gray has failed to answer the consequences of a downgrade…
    So, is, how it happens with iOS5, can we get all our cards ?
    And if anyone has done a downgrade no wifi to connect, I would be happy to have a return…
    Good luck to all, and thank you to you, Francis, for what you do, while away from home.

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