Simple and original mount for iPad

Serge Rousseau, a Canadian sailor, sent me some pictures of the installation of its iPad on his yacht. He wrote me :

"I send you some pictures of the support. I fixed an industrial Velcro on the stainless steel tube and I maintain waterproof case (+or- 50 €) with reusable fasteners (tie wrap). You can also use a waterproof envelope used to protect kayak cards and fix it with velcro and reusable fasteners. "

For an economical solution, I find it simple, clever and aesthetic enough for my own opinion. You decide…


3 Replies to “A simple and original iPad stand”

  1. And more specifically in nova scotia from the photos ! I would not advise it in the Caribbean. But if there is conflicting information that ! I'm interested

    1. You are partly right. On the one hand a white box is imperative (especially not black) to reverberate much of the light. On the other hand a bimini above the column of sunscreen may bar. Finally the West Indies, and generally in tropical countries it is not advisable. However the risk is minimal for the iPad : it automatically goes into deep sleep when the alarm temperature is displayed. For my own, I found that supports iPad excessive heat longer than a MacBook Air.

  2. Hello, Leaving on a iphone outdoors in a envellope sun is compatible with the max usage of 35 ° set by the manufacturer ? The temperature should be relatively easy to climb above 50 ° when the outside temperature is already 35 °. The battery life may morfler serious…although in canada !

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