A test onboard with Navigation Mac

During a weekend of January a little sad, we joined the port of L'Herbaudière, Isle of Noirmoutier, via the picturesque Gois passage at low tide.

We, that is to say, a boating journalist, my wife and myself.

Welcomed by two "natives" from the country, Henry and Jean-Etienne. The latter giving us a superb Oceanis 347 for the first test board, in France, navigation applications on a Mac, iPad and iPhone. A big first, somehow.

The scenario

The scenario included a test in two acts :

Act 1 :

MacENC on a MacBook, an BU-353 GPS connected to a USB port, receiver AIS RX Carbon (True Heading) connected to a second USB port. MacENC configured to transmit data from the GPS and AIS targets in TCP / IP to the iPhone and iPad board : 3 iPad WiFi 3G models 5 iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4, oh my !

macenc et ipad

Act 2 :

The Raymarine GPS onboard power, The’AIS RX Carbon and a wind-gear NASA Clipper connected to a multiplexer iMux standard (Brookhouse) transmitting NMEA data directly to a WiFi iPad.

les instruments

IMux Brookhouse multiplexer and AIS RX True Heading Carbon of

Actors :


Lr : skipper, journalist, crew, Specialist

The making-off :

After the crafts required to install all the equipment on the chart table by Jean-Etienne, we took a short day, we made a roundtrip to Pornic in a light breeze from south / southeast and persistent fog, just evaporated return.


The skipper-handyman and cast of in the mist

The movie :

Sorry, there will be no preview ! Must await a future issue of the magazine "Boats" to see the results of this exciting event. [Update] N° 635 – April 2011.

A big thank you to our skipper for the friendliness of its welcome, both at sea and home, in the heart of the Bois de la Chaise. Thank you to Henry for organizing it all, to Damien for his excellent company, to my wife for her patience in the midst of all these techno-geeks and maritime abstruse language. And finally I do not forget the aperitif offered by the friendly leaders SRIN (Regatta Society of Ile de Noirmoutier).

Hope to meet again !


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  1. Hello,
    that's my experience with iNavX on Iphone. I had the opportunity to use the road and the weather in Turkey, Greece, the top of the Iselmeer Holland to St Malo via Ostend, Brigthon, Cowes, Scotland from Oban to Stornoway, Polynesia from Tahiti to Bora Bora via Morea, Huahine, Taha, etc.
    I can say I've had no problems either on the nav. nor for the weather.
    I sailed in conjunction with different systems on ships or mobile (Garmin) and have found no difference in accuracy on maps. By cons I find more ergonomic iNavX.
    What is sorely lacking, it flows….

    Top Posts.

  2. Do not wait Article : Get Started !
    I ordered a IMUX late December in New Zealand, received ten days after, installed yesterday. On an installation RayMarine, son to connect three : " + ", " – »And the yellow thread of Seatalk. Start Now Network, setup according to information provided by Francis and information are available on my iPhone iNavX !
    I think I'll end up falling for an iPad……..

  3. To all of you , sea lovers, I wish that your navigation accompanied by your "super tools", I do not deny the usefulness and ease, do you reach Nirvana boating , in a society that is deteriorating more and more, but when you're lucky enough to have a passion for the sea, boat, kayaking, computer, etc.…… one escapes this world all too often restricted to land, land that could be beautiful, which is sometimes, but it escapes at sea, even if it's on the iPad, etc… and thank you for the passion complicity Computer Francis, with you it is at sea….

    Warning, these tools can fail, and we experienced during our Atlantic crossing, having always with you your old sextant if you go after world. For me great weekend , and even the port is already on the water on a boat. The cormorants are wonderful companions present but silent.
    Have fun everybody into the sea, and thank you for your interest to my husbands computering passion.

    1. Thank you Madam !
      You practice, you understand, you enjoy… il a de la chance Francis !
      For my own, I sailed that same weekend in mist and Navionics on Ipad iNavX on Iphone (and Garmin 546 s course !) The PC of the chart table with Maxsea often remains off…
      well, puree in the pitch passes south of the Gironde estuary, I was happy to check my position on 2 see 3 independent systems !!
      But I wouldn't have an article in "boats" ! snif…

      PS : my friend had remained by the fire…it… re snif…

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