Weather4D 2.0.20 The unlimited charting

We hoped for months, were expected, We waited - or we grew impatient, it depends - Well, here it is : last update Weather4D 2.0.20 is finally available ! On the menu a major improvement : Assisted charting download and unlimited storage size. To which is added a small number of highly requested features and some bug fixed…

Charts loading

A short video is worth a thousand words :

The number and size of uploaded files is limited only by the storage amount on your mobile device. It can only be deleted by a deliberate action of the user. This development has taken a long time pending the licensing agreements Geogarage with hydrographic services, and to develop the technical means to optimize download time.

The cache was reduced to 100 MB and no longer serves to store satellite views and OSM. Do not forget, displaying BING basemap, go zoom in on landing places (ports, anchorages) where you intend to travel to diposer views satellite internet connection offline. Otherwise you can always, the coasts of approach, sign on local cellular networks (roaming charges in Europe are removed from the 15 June 2017, check with your phone provider).

Do not forget, however, that access to mapping each publisher is allowed under an annual subscription on dedicated website de Geogarage, and that the cards are not available after the expiration date as a subscription renewal. A procedure is provided to prevent the cards are no longer available during navigation.

weather models

The AROMA models of Météo-France (0.025 ° / 1,5 NM) were added to : Caribbean / Guyana / Polynesia / New Caledonia / Indian Ocean.

We can now export all GRIB files, whatever the model. Import of external files to formats .grb and .grb.bz2 (compressed) being already supported.


Activated target on GPS location

Permanent Display coordinates in latitude / longitude all targets activated on the map or any saved locations activated. A coordinate units setting was added.

Addition of fine adjustments for NMEA data received from certain sensors :

  • Adjustment : to correct the value permanently percentage +/-
  • Amortization : for delaying the received data and smooth the display (scale up to 1 to 5)


  • Improvement of Traces of the display. The distance covered on the bottom was added to the recorded traces.
  • Possibility of change names in the mode "Edit" for all lists with a simple tap on the fields (places, routes, tracks, aso.).
  • Selecting a registered location or the activation of a target on the GPS location displays the screen center.

This is an update that should answer many needs and gaps of the previous card loading system.



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  1. Hello Francis
    I started using Weather4D 2.0. I read the guide and I'm doing pretty good but something bothers me in the routing.
    In the guide, You seem to make a distinction (sensible in my opinion) between the engine speed and the minimum speed sailing from which the skipper decides to start the engine. But in practice the 2 speeds are more than one and therefore, the sail is replaced by the engine of the speed sailing becomes lower than has which we walk to the engine.
    Why can we not enter the 2 parameters? by ex: below 4 knts to sail, I put the engine, but from that time there, I'm going to 6 knts
    Thank you

  2. Hello

    this application is really great and the tutorial is top !!

    on the other hand, I have a small problem: when I want to use saildoc, the application automatically closes ?
    Can not get to the window to select the area

    thank you

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