Weather4D sur Mac M1

We have been talking about it since 2020 in the Facebook group of Weather4D users, and often in the support, Weather4D Routing & Navigation now works on Mac with M1 processors, with the system MacOS 11.x ("Big Sur" and following). All you need to do is connect the Mac to a GPS receiver or a NMEA gateway via Wi-Fi to receive the position and navigation data from the instruments..

Some pictures are better than a long speech, judge by yourself :

The big screen display (here a 27 “4K) can be particularly comfortable for those who wish to install a Mac Mini at the chart table of their own boat. Mouse control is perfect, the excellent fluidity and resolution of the screens offers an exceptional display of the raster cartography.

From MacOS "Big Sur", iOS applications compatible with MacOS are listed in the AppStore by consulting your account. Some applications marked "Not validated for MacOS" mean that they are not adaptable to Mac screen formats.. They can be used but in a window in iPad or iPhone formats depending on the case.

How to do ?

Dans l'application Mac AppStore, les apps iOS compatibles

In Mac AppStore app, iOS compatible apps

Warning, make sure that the email address on your account is the same as the one used for the iPad/iPhone purchase. Otherwise, edit it in your Mac AppStore account.

That evolution, Apple hardware and software, finally allows to benefit from a cross-platform navigation application meeting all user needs.

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  1. Hello Francis,
    Thank you for this good news. Je n’ai toutefois pas trouvé l’application dans l’Apple Store à ce jour. (15/11/21).

  2. Tested this summer with a Mac Mini – it works really well. Only W4D feature that I couldn't find, it is the distance measurement that is done on the iPad / iPhone with two fingers ....

  3. Thank you for this important info for the "old" MaxSea user that I am !
    However, how to connect a GPS on the Mac and what equipment do you recommend ?

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