It's the holidays !

At sea from July, 20 th until August 3 August, I will use a Mediterranean journey for a report on the use of several devices discussed on this blog :

  • Iridium and Isatphone Pro with Optimizer WXA-102 from Global Marine Network, GRIB file requests with iPad / iPhone.
  • XGate on MacBook Pro with IsatPhone, GRIB file requests with MacENC.
  • Seasmart WiFi and NMEA2000 network with iNavX on iPad / iPhone.

Something to do during the ten days of sailing scheduled between Port-Leucate and Dubrovnik. Hoping that our tests will leave us time to enjoy the sea, few planned stops and some fish have liked to bite our hooks.

There will therefore no more post on this blog before… mid- August, or early September. But the result of my investigations will be greatly expanded next fall.

And as a bonus, but not tell anyone, this is a rumor : a test of the integrated speed polar function in router Weather4D PRO.

Good sailing to all.


3 Replies to “C’est les vacances !”

  1. Hello Christophe
    Thank you for Clasp through Francis but tell me :
    there no link with the Catana 55 ?
    No, j’espère !
    In fact you are welcome to Prince d'Oc
    When you want
    Happy holidays to you too

  2. I still, I forgot, a Catana 55 end in September, I am booked, but for you, for you there's always room … Destination … Tahiti.

  3. Hello Francis, happy holidays … I'm still a few days to D if you wanna come to the Tiger roar… Do not make too much this summer, I was gonna say Olivier kiss from me, isn't it, Mounia kiss from me and well hello Olivier. Otherwise, if I want to stay on topic, I expected better than Iridium, IPad, InavX, Weather4D et accessPoint. I'll take a look at your comments, Update on Navionics you mention above and I welcome all my friends very low browsers. Enjoy your summer.

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