Weather4D Training with ACM Catamaran [2022]

After these last two years disrupted by the pandemic, training Weather4D Routing & Navigation with iPad trainingsin partnership with ACM Catamaran are renewed. I will manage these trainings during onboard weekend on one of the cruising school catamarans starting from the school base inHyères – Le Gapeau.

From 3 to 6 people in private cabins for these intensive training courses that have been a great success for almost ten years ! Catamarans offer you a great "classroom", the bay of Hyères a superb navigation basin "all weather", and ACM an "all inclusive" service !

6 weekends are scheduled in autumn, enjoy the tranquility of the late season… Read more …

COLREGS: Still Fit for Purpose ? [Update]

We can only observe, for three decades, the phenomenal increase in global maritime commercial traffic, the recent increase in maritime drones, for scientific and various research purposes, automated and remotely submarines civilian, military, and even for traffickers usage, and soon the inevitable coming into service of fully unmanneded merchant ships. This evolution is directly linked to the multiplication of satellites communication and positioning means allowing remote control of mobiles at sea.

Même avec le confinement pendant la pandémie Covid-19 le trafic maritime ne cesse jamais. Vue Marine Traffic

Even with containment during the Covid-19 pandemic, maritime traffic never stops. Marine Traffic view

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Cyber ​​attacks and boating

Garmin was the victim of a cyber attack that started on 23 last July and lasted several days. The resulting outage disrupted many of its online services.

Navionics customers could no longer access the Navionics server through their login credentials. L’application Navionics Boating, the chart installer and the Navionics chart viewer were all impacted. products could no longer be purchased directly from the Navionics website. Chartplotters could still be used as stand-alone devices during this Garmin failure, but the maps could no longer be downloaded or updated. Read more …

Smart navigation – From paper charts to augmented reality

I relayed here, in French, an article published in the British magazine Yachting Monthly (¹) the 30 th. The subject deals with the debate between paper charts and electronic navigation, by stating many truths, but also sometimes one or two untruths. The purpose has the merit of presenting contrasting arguments, and to obtain the opinion of recognized UK's professional boaters. Since the confinement imposes time constraints on us, let's take this opportunity to enjoy this instructive reading.… Read more …

Navigation Mac is 10 years !

5-yearsLaunched at the same time as the iPhone 3GS and iNavX app, and a few months before the first iPad, This blog follows since 10 years the continued growth of mobile devices used in maritime navigation.

Through more 350 articles, I tried to guide users throughout the evolution of materials and navigation applications dedicated to Apple mobile. Read more …

Hurricane Harvey, What is the impact of climate change ?

In full political news on global climate change, the terrible Hurricane Harvey questioned some scientists about the link between warming due to human activities and intense weather events increasing in recent years.

Source : National Weather Service

Michael E. Mann, distinguished professor of atmospheric science at Pennsylvania State University, director of the Penn State Earth System Science Center and author of three books, including The Hockey Stick and The Climate Wars, Dire Predictions, and The Madhouse Effect, develops a long comment in (¹) about it, freely translated by myself.

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Météo-France GRIB files finally for free

A year after my advocacy for free European data (¹) Météo-France finally offers free access to its two famous ARPEGE and AROME models. A welcome development, initiated in 2014 by the success of MyOcean, Since then integrated into Mercator Ocean (²), but a notorious change in attitude for a public institution to which always asked to self-finance a significant portion of its budget. Forecasts from these two models are made available on Météo-France portal in the GRIB version 2 format. Since the 21 July 2015.

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Marine electronics manufacturers and the Tablet phenomenon

A few days before the opening of Nautic Paris boat show where, I remember, I will be present on the stand iTabNav (Hall 2.1 – D31), an overview is required. And precisely, in our immediate horizon we will have, like every year, the proximity of their representatives and marine electronics manufacturers.

In the previous edition of the boat show, I could see the nervousness - not to say hostility - manufacturers respect the phenomenon Crescent of tablets and other smartphones on the market of navigation. (A) promote these devices and their applications, I do probably not have only friends in this environment. However, the strong pressure of the purchasers of boats, and so navigation electronics, a forced such manufacturers to incorporate a minimum of interactivity between their own equipment and mobile devices now owned by a majority of browsers.

What prompts me to do a quick update on the State of the supplied applications and the progress of the proposed functions.

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"Navigate with a digital tablet" iBook version

Technical BookletNavigating with a digital tablet, published in the special edition of Voiles et Voiliers, is now available on Apple iTunes iBookStore.

"Revolution in the navigation. easy, fast, touch, autonomous, digital tablets are not lacking quality ! With them, navigation chart table made its entry into the digital world. Their world beyond the simple charting to get the weather, routing, tides…

This technical booklet by Voiles et Voiliers draws a panorama of applications available, examines the different marine uses of tablets and describes the conditions for their optimal use. "

To be read on iPad/iPhone or Mac (OS X 10.9) with the Apple Application iBooks.