Compass Eye and SeaNav, good surprises from Pocket Mariner

At the bend of a search on App Store for my previous post, I found out under the term "Simrad" an application that furiously reminds me of something. From research to research, I discover the company Electric Pocket. This British applications publisher develops the applications for mobile from 1997, and recently the applications nautical under the name Pocket Mariner. That company is based in Wales, United Kingdom, and deals with partners from around the world.


This navigation application, which comes in three versions : SeaNav-HD, SeaNav UK & Ireland-HD and SeaNav US - HD is none other than the application sold by Digital Yacht under the name NavLink, as I mentioned on this blog a few months ago (¹). Interesting discovery. I invite you to follow the link (¹) for details because these two applications are strictly the same, with iOS (iPhone / iPad) and Mac OS X version. You will see the chart and the navaids overlayed in augmented reality on the landscape through the lens of the mobile, as well as AIS targets with their routes. On this point Pocket Mariner is actually innovative. Rest to see the usefulness in practice.

Compass Eye

You may remember the defunct application Compass AR, in the early days of this blog, missing since a certain time of the AppStore. Compass Eye does the same thing ten times better. Early 2010 the application disappeared from the German company Convelop faced the handicap of iPhone screens virtually unusable in bright light. Today the iPhone 6 and 6+, are perfectly readable by clear and sunny weather.

Pocket Mariner, with his experience in augmented reality, has added extremely useful functions, In addition to compass display : instant input of bearings, by tap on side icons, as green lines, red and yellow for a triangulation location by bearings, with digital display of angles. Bearing lines can be moved by dragging with the finger. Input an angle of approach of a ship to check constant bearing that means collision route. Screenshot by a tap on an icon. Speed over ground display (GPS) and Lat/Lon location, Day/night lighting, Zoom up to 8 x.

Shortly, a really useful application to many points of view for a perfectly affordable price (4,49 €). I recommend.

(¹) British vector charts with NavLink


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  1. Thank you Francis for all information received, very interesting for today's world, World of maritime navigation, tablets, Mobile and more computerized family used to sit in the dark sea, know before hand that our planned route is not going to be crossed by a storm, Sticky mists that let us see a meter more than our bows.
    All that today, We solve it with one click on a tablet in one second of time, incredible, Thank you for your information, for thus apparently is not so easy there are to know things the same as formerly taught us to handle the nautical almanacs, Tides tables, Treaties of navigation in general everything so complicated from the tedious tables of logarithms. etc. etc. Best regards

  2. A correction – I have checked the project and Compass Eye only requires iOS 5 or later ( it still works with pre-iOS6 devices that have google maps).

  3. Thank you very much for your kind review of my Compass Eye App, I am really pleased to hear you like it. Regarding our other app SeaNav/Navlink, just to let you know that there is now a free version of SeaNav for iPhone and iPad which has charts for the North of France ( from Lorient to Belgium ) , Belgium, Holland and Germany available as an In App Purchase as well as the UK and Ireland charts. We have also greatly improved the speed of chart drawing since your last review of the app as NavLink.

    One further point answer to Courteaux’s comment, Compass Eye is available on iOS6 and later. SeaNav requires iOS 7 and later.

  4. Thanks for these applications, but my iPhone 3Gs that can migrate in iOS 7 cannot download these applications.

    « Compatibility : Requires iOS 7.0 or a later version. "

    1. To have used an iPhone 3GS for more of 3 years, It must be admitted that its screen is hardly usable for this kind of application in full light. See details of the developer concerning compatible iOS versions.

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