Iridium Certus 100, a step towards yachting ?

 Since the operational commissioning of the constellation Iridium NEXT (¹), the Iridium company has started to offer its new range of services called " Certus®". These services are based on the considerably increased technological capabilities of the new satellites., which allowed, among others, Iridium to be approved as a second satellite communications provider for the GMDSS maritime security service (²), whose competitor Inmarsat had held a monopoly for 1979.

Certus®, in addition to demonstrating that American businessmen are also literate. (³), is a range available in six bandwith levels starting from 22 Kb/s up to 704 Kb/s, and up to 1408 Kb/s in the near future.

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Weather4D sur Mac M1

We have been talking about it since 2020 in the Facebook group of Weather4D users, and often in the support, Weather4D Routing & Navigation now works on Mac with M1 processors, with the system MacOS 11.x ("Big Sur" and following). Simply connect the Mac to a GPS receiver or a NMEA gateway via Wi-Fi or USB to receive the position and navigation data from the instruments.. Read more …

COLREGS: Still Fit for Purpose ? [Update]

We can only observe, for three decades, the phenomenal increase in global maritime commercial traffic, the recent increase in maritime drones, for scientific and various research purposes, automated and remotely submarines civilian, military, and even for traffickers usage, and soon the inevitable coming into service of fully unmanneded merchant ships. This evolution is directly linked to the multiplication of satellites communication and positioning means allowing remote control of mobiles at sea.

Même avec le confinement pendant la pandémie Covid-19 le trafic maritime ne cesse jamais. Vue Marine Traffic

Even with containment during the Covid-19 pandemic, maritime traffic never stops. Marine Traffic view

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Urgent ! Iridium GO!® firmware update and app GO!®

A new version of firmware 2.1.22 is now available for the’Iridium GO!®. This release includes an update to fix an incorrect time and date issue for the device Iridium GO!® and the application GO!®. This problem does not affect the functionality of the device/application. The calls, data, SMS, SOS and tracking are still working normally. Only cases where a message (Quick GPS, tracking, SOS) contains a date / time, this one will be incorrect. The order of messages in the Iridium GO application!® may not be observed, as well as missed voice calls. Upgrading the device to the new firmware version 2.1.22 will solve this problem.

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SHOM removes facsimiles from UK charts

With the latest update of the SHOM charts portfolio on 16 September, 2021,Geogarage announces the removal of 18 facsimile charts from British charts covering, mainly, the south coast of England and Gibraltar. These areas are now only covered by the British Admiralty portfolio. (UKHO).

Indeed, SHOM recently announced (¹) rationalization of its catalog of nautical charts, onwards September 2021, by the deletion of many foreign charts reproduced under historical reciprocity agreements with some foreign hydrographic services. Read more …

Are GRIB files consistently optimistic ?

This question has been asked regularly, but until now I had never wanted to publicly give my opinion on the subject so as not to offend anyone and especially not to create unnecessary controversy. But by dint of doing it during my training, why not express it openly ?

My opinion, forged by observation and a long professional experience in pleasure boating (¹), is that this assertion of the systematic optimism of the GRIB forecasts regarding wind force, which unfortunately continues, no longer has a reason to be, and has not been verified in fact for some time. Read more …