ENC User Permit, What is ?

The "user license" of ENC cards is a unique identifying number attached to a device., or application, able to read the chart data encrypted ENC (S-63 format). This "User Permit" is required to register a system (chartplotter, chartplotter, software) and allow to generate, for charts purchased, a single authentication code to use these charts to the referenced system. User Permit (User Permit) consists of a chain of 28 digits hexadecimal code.

For example, a purchase on the site Chartworld. You create an account on this website, and wish to purchase an official ENC : General chart of the Atlantic coasts of France.

Previously, you will have to fill out the form detailing your setup, in menu "My Account" > My Installations.

You are asked to fill in the fields on equipment used primarily to display charts (drop-down menu you choose MacENC / GPSNavX), vessel name, the hardware ID (Do not fill in this case), as well as the famous "User Permit" and all mandatory fields preceded by an asterisk.

The User Permit is provided in the Chart Manager of MacENC :


You have just to copy / paste that code in the Chartworld form :

Once registered your form, you can return to the "SHOP" section of the site to fill your basket and proceed with your purchase of cards.. The charts that you download will only may be used on the Mac which is running MacENC single user license.