Navigate with iSailor – the new manual

The manual "Navigating with iSailor" in French has just undergone a complete overhaul with Apple Pages. Much more readable portrait interface Revision of illustrations Revision of links Revision of glossary Insertion of a summary with return from all Read more …

Digital charts : purchase or subscription [Update] ?

[Update 3 March 2019] With the multiple charts disappearances during the successive updates of iNavX, I received a number of requests for assistance in the recovery of the said charts. Regardless of whether I am Read more …

iNavX and iSailor offer more functions

The year 2015 barely begun, developers already deliver us their applications developments, probably developed between two glasses of champagne during the holidays. I consider iNavX and iSailor as the two best navigation applications to date Read more …

iSailor, Navionics, X-Traverse, What's new in the summer

This year the striking news arrived during the summer, While boaters at sea, for most often far from internet. I view finally after several weeks of absence, the most interesting of them. A little late, you could say, for Read more …

Navigation Apps : the (rare) new products in Spring 2014

The least I can say, is that the news are not rushing. After the frenzy of announcements 2013, developers seem to have stalled. It is likely that multiple navigation apps should not Read more …

iSailor 1.6.0 relooks the user interface

Since 14 February iSailor came up with a new interface. Little change for charting, but a completely redesigned user interface and enhanced with new features. In addition, the position can be obtained in different ways : Read more …

Navigation Apps : the news of the return

While I held my summer studious testing hardware and software in conditions of extreme hardship, developers lined fierce relentless miles of lines of code to improve our navigation applications. What devotion, those Read more …

iSailor, charts are available for France

Transas has updated the list of new maps available for iSailor, include coasts of France : ∙ Germany ∙ Australia ∙ Bermuda ∙ Canada ∙ Denmark ∙ Egypt ∙ Spain ∙ Estonia ∙ Finland ∙ France ∙ Read more …


4 Replies to “iSailor”

  1. On my shelf position is always how North Up for the icon of the boat so I could follow the navigation of the ship not over north but the bow

    Thank you

  2. Hello,
    Thank you for helping novice sailors.
    I have an iPad Air and wish to use it to navigate iSailor. My question is about the connection AIS.
    From a VHF RT650 Navicom with how AIS AIS information is transmitted it to the mapping iSailor?.

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