iNAVConnect links iPhone or iPad to Raymarine chartplotters

inavconnectCompany Digital Yacht continues to offer new products for yachting (¹). One, iNAVConnect, allows to connect by WiFi iPad or iPhone, featured iNavX, Navionics Marine, or any other compatible application, to Raymarine MFDs C and E series. This allows transfer waypoints and routes from Raymarine systems to applications on iPhone or iPad, and vice versa.

It's a start, Digital Yacht hope other manufacturers implement these transfer functions in the future.

But iNAVConnect is not only limited to this single function. It can connect the wireless access system WL510, which allows to connect to long-range WiFi access points on the coast. So iNavConnect becomes a WiFi router that allows all computers, tablets or smartphones onboard to connect to the Internet. Unlike home routers,  iNavConnect and WL510 are supplied with 12/24V and totally marinised.

iNavConnect et WL510

iNavConnect associated with WL510

Digital Yacht has recently recruited a French collaborator to post-synchronize the numerous video presentations made by CEO Nick Hayes. Happy initiative which is to be welcomed ! Below are videos showing, in French, the two devices :

iNAVConnect :

WL510 :

(¹) See Receive AIS data wirelessly with iNavX


2 Replies to “iNAVConnect connects iPad or iPhone to Raymarine plotters”

  1. Hello,
    Your link for the "Digital Yatch" site, not working. Even this site via Google does not open. ( )
    I search my system just to replace Wi-Fi (8db antenna and connecting by USB) by a more powerful system that would allow me to use a router on board.
    The model WL 510 Digital Yacht seems to be interesting on this point. Do you know an identical model in the U.S.?
    Do you have an idea on the subject. I use a Mac laptop and a Mac-mini with two screens and wireless keyboard and the Mac ENC and Mr. Tides for several years.
    Thank you again for all the help that you make to all boaters to popularize the new technology available to us.
    Jacques Roland
    aboard "Côte de Nuits"

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