iNavX 4.0.0 improves charting [Update]

inavxiNavX 4.0.0 greatly improves the display of raster charts : continuous seamless tiled charts (¹) and access to a new Navionics Gold chart : 50XG covering almost the entire Pacific Ocean.

Tiled raster charts [Update 1/10/2014]

iNavX 4.0.0 includes a new entry " "Tiled Charts" " In each raster chart list (NOAA, CHS, NV Charts, aso.) It must of course have an active X-Traverse account and subscribe to the desired region. For free NOAA charts, just have subscribed to the region " NOAA USA Seamless Charts " which is free.

Raster charts are displayed continuously "tiled" that are overlayed depending of zoom level. An internet connection is required to download tiles, but they are in cache on your device so you can continue to use once offline. To empty the cache, on sélectionne le bouton « i »nfo dans le coin inférieur droit de la carte, then the action button in the upper left corner and then "Remove chart" or "Update chart".

Any individual chart can be downloaded with a tap inside a red boundary chart rectangle and selecting from the context menu that appears. The back button in the upper left banner then to return to tiled charts.

x-traverse account

The Navionics 50XG

This new chart will please all those who sail in the South Pacific. The 50XG replaces 32, 33 and 34XG region to cover the Pacific from the Hawaiian Islands to, and including, Australia and New Zealand, for the modest amount of $50, thus somewhat more 36 €. Will be added Japan when Japanese hydrographic services will have updated and published their shores charting regarding the Tsunami in 2011.

Navionics 50XGUnfortunately, the bad news is that it is still not possible to cross the International Date Line continuously in iNavX as can be done with Navionics Marine (or Boating). is truly regrettable.


Must drag the map by the Greenwich meridian to move from east to west Pacific

(¹) This is the principle of MapMedia charts in MaxSea.