iNavX 5.0 from Charybde to Scylla

The major update 5.0 of iNavX, issued late August, has unfortunately been a long and painful birth for new developers, and a succession of vortices and reefs for users. Among the many bugs and regressions laboriously fixed by successive builds, the worst part was the total loss of charts for almost all of us. This is, repeatedly. On top of the recent migration, this month, of charting server X-Traverse to a new website Fugawi much more user friendly, has not made things easier. Some explanations are needed.

After the purchase, in the summer 2015 (¹), of iNavX by NavX Studios LLC, the new development team undertook the upgrade of the application code, in order to keep it compatible with the latest versions of iOS. This big work of rewriting, has caused, already with version 4.7.x, several regressions and serious bugs, with the first total loss of charts (V.4.7.3). In the same time, developers have undertaken to modify the interface, in order to allow direct access to the charting purchase in-app. Commendable idea, as the website was complex and impractical. Alas, three months of bugs repeatedly have seriously dented the confidence of thousands of user of this excellent application published in 2009 with the arrival of the iPhone 3GS.


As a result of the takeover of the Canadian brand Fugawi by American Johnson Outdoors (²), It did not take long to finally see the old website, charting distribution platform, replaced by a modern website, user friendly and easy to use. What happiness for users, mainly those of iNavX.

The website is clear, fast (one of the big criticisms made about x-traverse), the creation of an account and its management are much easier than before. You will find the chart list and products purchased "My Products"., the order history "My Orders" , the data transferred from iNavX (waypoints, routes, tracks, GRIB) in "My Cloud Storage", as well as the settings and account management.

The site is almost fully operational so far, There are a few functions to settle, as receiving GRIB files with request from iNavX and other applications (MacENC, GPSNavX, Fugawi Marine, etc). This should no longer take much time.

iNavX 5.0.x

With version 5.0.4, the most severe bugs seem to have been fixed. Users who have lost their charts must sign out of their account (Logout), then to reconnect (Login) in order to see reappearing the list of their charts on the page "My Charts". If this isn't the case, the only recourse is iNavX support (but not Fugawi support only occurring on your account and your charts purchased).

However a good number of bugs and regressions remain, and developers no longer take the time to test the beta versions before publishing a new release, what is fundamental in my opinion to avoid setbacks, doing more harm than the time necessary for testers. Less priority but boring for us, the French translation is not finalized, without having received a complete list, I send partial fixes that are not always integrated.

I published a full update (in French and in English) tutorial Navigate with iNavX 5.0 taking account of the change in the interface. Videos remain unchanged, in waiting for the interface to be fully finalized for this big work. This does not interfere with the learning of functions and gestures that have not been fundamentally modified.

Hope that this laborious mutation leads to a version 5.1 entirely rid of its bugs before the start of next season, and that iNavX, associated with the global charting Navionics, find all its interest in our devices.

(¹) Read iNavX changes hands
(²) Read The stakeholders of electronic charting [6 years later]


7 Replies to “iNavX 5.0 from Charybde to Scylla”

  1. Today first December, still a new version !
    I haven't seen him change : My iPadPro crashes as soon as you zoom on a map.
    This bug is known for already three version, I question both on the competence of developers and the attitude of the sales because each new version get rid of unfavorable comments on the Apple Store.
    A beautiful application……………..

    1. Hello,
      Today 7 December, I have the same problem as Jean. I have an iPadAir (for Thierry: I fired my ipad 1 who couldn't take anything anymore) and when I zoom on the map it disappears in favor of a gray gridlines on the screen. Of-zoom, Re-zoom x times and to finish this walk not too bad going slowly with the spacing of the fingers.
      I just bought the iNavX tutorial 5.0, and I recommend it highly.
      I'm enjoying in the passage to thank Francis for all of the info shared.

  2. Thank you for all these valuable comments, I left an orphan thread on H&O respecting my disappointments this Weekend, with my version 4.1.8 of Ivavx on IPAD I. I see myself forced to acquire a new Ipad…While so far everything worked very well.
    Here is the text of my communication:
    This weekend I decided to refresh the Navionics 46XG, chart of INAVX support installed on my IPAD I. I had already felt that our well-known corresponding FF, surrounded himself cautious about new versions of this navigation software, but the advantage with the IPAD, It's that its operating system can't stand for a long time to receive new versions of Inaxv. Good took me, the server stalled on my request and cracked an "account information not found (unknown: 200) ". Contacted, FUGAWI support told me kindly I quote my interlocutor: »There was an unfortunate technical problem with our web server, during the weekend. It's fixed now, at least in the most general case for users of iNavX version 5 ". No luck for yours truly who sails with the version 4 .1.8. Good but all is not lost, Since my remote assistant, tells me that I simply buy a new IPAD II and download the maps on my account always active, and enjoy the way to install an updated version of Inavx. I feel you smile…There was a cherry on this cake and more (to Maple syrup), Since my charming interlocutor even gave me the address to resell used my historical Ipad! So this is where I am and where could I join the 4 .1.8. who will have the bad idea to refresh their 46XG.
    Question: am I the only one in this situation?
    Those who were able to know of the difficulties in updating their cards and who have made the acquaintance of the unknown:200 with an Ipad I, have they been able to break the deadlock?
    Thank you for your feedback

  3. Thank you Francis to follow with attention the evolution of our navigation software preferred.
    I leave in 2 weeks in the Caribbean and I count on iNavX to us around…

  4. This paper makes me happy, I feel less alone… In addition to bugs, in particular on the establishment of a road, This software is suffering from an old design of the creation of road. In iNavx, It's the Waypoints that make the road whereas today ' today we usually either the road that makes the WP (OpenCPN, iSailor). In the same way the measures on cards allow several segments (legacy). Even without the bugs should be a complete overhaul of the hergonomie. And it would be worthwhile because the variety of orders and directions are still one of the most powerful software on Tablet. But when one knows the hergonimie d’ iSailor… There is the path.

  5. I actually downloaded the latest version 5.0 Trinidad unfortunately I lost my previous roads ( the last created ) My last waypoints no longer existed and Aye tide was more integrated. I couldn't download the Grib with Navionics . In short I would prefer to stay on the old version. Do us this season that's not cool ! But I still hope that everything works fine because this app is really good . Thank you for your tutorials

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