iNavX and SiiTech AIS server

siitechiNavX allows connection, since version 3.1.7 from 11 October 2010, to the data server AIS SiiTech I mentioned in a previous post (¹). The benefit of this remains questionable in France because of the low coverage of our coasts. This may change.

Indeed, the number of SiiTech ground stations is increasing, the Channel coast are now well covered, and the Atlantic coast should be progressively equipped (²).

In addition, version 3.2.4 of iNavX comes with an improvement that makes a revival of interest for this feature : it is now available to select the origin point of AIS data from SiiTech server, the position of the ship (that of the iPhone / iPad used), or a previously created waypoint. The reception range is about 30 nautical miles from the place of origin, This greatly increases the coverage of AIS data reception.

Needed, of course, to have a cellular network (3G) or WiFi connection to access the server SiiTech with TCP / IP. But if you engage in coastwise, or during a landing, and if you do not have an AIS receiver on board, This feature can be very useful.


Server configuration on a SiiTech iPad

In the example above, I'm connected from Nantes to SiiTech server using as a waypoint origin located near Cherbourg (Pointe Barfleur). It allowed me to follow in real time the movement of ships and get their information, toward very important distance.


Another advantage of this connection is to follow, from land, a friend's boat equipped with an AIS Class B transponder for pleasure.

It should be noted that access to SiiTech server is integrated in iNavX, username and password are provided, so there is no subscription fee to provide, This professional service is free.

A dedicated page has been added to help file in French version 3.2.4 of iNavX, available April the 8 April.

(¹) Receiving AIS on the Web

(²) Coverage Area


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  1. Thank you for this information, je pensais à « Ships Ahoy! » dont l’originalité réside dans sa façon de marquer sur les photos du bateau les informations AIS…Brainchild of a developer English.

  2. Effectivement SiiTech fonctionne beaucoup mieux pour la Manche et ne limite plus les batiments au « Rail » coté anglais. For Havre everything looks perfect, cons but it was not displaying the ferry at Ouistreham (?). it complements very useful in case of poor visibility but beware : still remain on standby !
    He is also on the apple store a photographic application that gives the names of ships on the photo. Less useful but fun as SiiTech simply give the number NMSI

  3. Hello,
    I tried the solution Siitech date on my iPod and my iPad. Without success. On the iPad, IP settings are saved by default but lack SiiTech account settings (e-mail address and password) so that the connection works.
    I took a ride on the site SiiTech but no trace of free offer offline web direct.
    Maybe you have the solution or you can negotiate with or SiiTech GPSNavX ?
    Cordially (bravo pour vos efforts en faveur du Mac maritime 😉

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