Protections for iPad (2)

I presented in the first entry about protections for iPad onboard the water-resistant case by Andres Industries (*). This manufacturer has responded quickly to comments and criticisms of its product. He was kind enough to send me to test their new case, modified and improved. True happiness !

andres ipad caseIt takes a little bit overweight (212 x 268 x 26 mm) but loses 130 gr (500 gr). It is now scheduled to receive models iPad 1 and 2. The rear seat is equipped with four non-skid pads to avoid seeing the iPad drag on a flat surface during movement of the boat, in response to criticism on the slippery side of the box. The rear seat was equipped with a reinforcement of four threaded inserts to now fix the RAM mounts offered by the manufacturer.

Andres accessoiresIndeed, RAM mounts are designed from a sphere which is positioned in different mounts (see photo below) thus allowing an orientation will.

SupportsAnother accessory, not screwed this one, is a quick clip in which the housing is firmly held, but allows instant removal without tools.

Clip rapideThere is a wide range of mounts that make this case particularly interesting. Remains to be seen how the competition will react. About LifeProof, we may wait several months before the marketing of their case for iPad, the iPhone 4 is still not available.

Hope a wide distribution will allow Andres to lower its prices, because they unfortunately remain quite high.

(*) These products are imported and distributed in France online


3 Replies to “Protections for iPad (2)”

  1. Mr Fustier, hello and thank you.
    Since you are directly connected with the manufacturing, Perhaps he could add (for a small price to manufacture) a small cap or visor can be read in direct sunlight the screen?

    Thank you

  2. Hello,

    A quick question, you present this wonderful protection for Ipad. What about protection for the Mac. Is there any protection against splashing water for use on small vessels and thus always prey to a wave bolder than the previous ?
    I searched a little and found nothing.

    Thank you for your blog.



    1. You do not find anything and for good reason ! Apart from protection silicone keyboards, there is nothing for the MacBook. Why some users choose a Mac Mini for ease of storing in a locker sheltered from the aggressions.

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