iOS 5 can delete your Navionics charts without warning

Pleasant surprise in the ARC transatlantic 2011.

After transferring pictures from my camera to my iPad, for some reason the memory was saturated. I had yet to 9GB free and I have transferred the contents of an SD-Card 2GB. Mystery !

Still, after two or three system messages informing me of the next saturation, iOS 5 has simply deleted all my Navionics cartography used by iNavX !

When asked by e-mail, Rich Ray confirmed the fact possible :

"This is an unfortunate change in iOS5, the iOS will and can clear any apps downloaded data without notice if another app needs more space.. iOS does not notify the app if this happens ".

Olivier Bouyssou told me it was possible for developers to store application data in a folder reserved unerasable, but this was rarely allowed by Apple. It was a big problem because no one knew how IOS selected the applications they erased the data authority.

Yachtmen my friends, be prudent : if you do not want to lose your charting during the cruise, far from any network you can download them again, watch the space available on your iPhone and iPad.


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  1. Francis,
    If a patch bug. To me, c’est un fonctionnement « normal ».
    Another example :
    I have an app on Iphone : save2Pdf. With iOS4, could generate a pdf from any application Ipad, nice. Updated with Ios5, possible.
    Making contact with the support of the application ( application fee with a company with employees behind). They told me that Apple has blocked this feature without notice. Too bad for me but especially bad for this company that is very very bad, undermined their business without notice from Apple.


  2. Francis, bad news, but are you sure it was not a one-time bug on your iPad ? As you say, you had plenty of room in memory, So the IOS did not need to delete data.
    Also I am not computer, but I can not imagine that iOS erases hard data like this. The system to make space in RAM for other apps is normal, delete data but seems incredible. This would mean that the iPad regularly erase other large files such as music, photos or videos which never happens, alors que la plupart des utilisateurs ont un iPad bien plus « rempli » que le tien.

  3. Hello,

    I understand the enthusiasm for using an iPad on his boat, however, in terms of computer that I am, I find this choice a bit risky for several reasons :
    – Youth Product : this will be solved in time.
    – lack of control over operating system.
    It should be understood that Apple iPad works as desired and that is what Apple installs allows us to install.
    Do not be mistaken, This is by no means the primary anti-Apple (I am equipped with all kinds ibidulles), it's just an observation.
    This is not because Apple provides easy to Ms. Michu the possibility of his cards on the iPad, that we must mention an in-depth :
    – Do I master my tool ?
    The answer is no, Apple, which is the key.
    For my own, an iPad will never replace a dedicated embedded system instrument, unless dedicated to mapping the iPad and not to make updates to iOS, and then crossing your fingers every time.

  4. Gloups …

    Thank you to prevent !
    So I'll leave my Camera Connection Kit at home, my photos on my iPhone, and my cards on my iPad … And after the next episode …
    Earthlings Welcome back Francis !…!

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