iOS7 and navigation applications

The latest version of iOS for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch has caused a lot of updates to compatibility. This time, with iOS7, developers have had hard work to put their interfaces in accordance. For our purposes, the latest versions optimized for iOS7 to date are :

  • iNavX 3.7.0
  • iSailor 1.5.5
  • AyeTides 3.0 (iPhone) and AyeTides XL 2.0 (iPad )
  • Weather4D 1.3.2 and Weather4D PRO 1.3.7


This is the application that has the greatest adaptation of the interface to the new system. On a functional level, nothing new, no particular improved responsiveness in various manipulations.



Transas take this update for some improvements, mainly :

  • Improvements of the auto loading and Chart Generalization algorithm on large and small scales.
  • Cross Track Distance (XTD) is now adjustable for the each leg of the route separately.
  • Cross Track Distance (XTD) zone can be presented graphically on the chart layer.

AyeTides and AyeTides XL

August Hahn took this update to bring significant improvements in both versions for iPhone and iPad.

  • Additions for Europe current predictions for hydrographic services referenced locations. At first database for the English Channel with more than one hundred geographical locations.
  • Display predictions current hourly or hours of max / min currents.
  • Print and sending by email the day predictions.

AyeTides XL

  • For AyeTides on iPhone, adding a page of graphical presentation of daily predictions for actual month and following month.

AyeTidesWeather4D and Weather4D PRO

In addition to the optimization iOS7, new elements are :

  • Display GRIB file size in area settings dialog box top banner.
  • Adding the current model of My Global Ocean 1/12 ° – 24h – 7j.
  • Added GCWF model for Greece.

Other applications, as Plan2Nav and Garmin BlueChart not yet updated. About Navionics Marine, I guess we'll have to go through the purchase of the optional Navionics , I do not intend to.



9 Replies to “iOS7 and navigation apps”

  1. Ayant Navionix (IPhone) that Maxsea (IPad) it is stunning in approach with overlapping photo 3D map; However the card is far behind the South Loire area (Port Morin et Fromentine).
    If these apps replace a GPS plotter sonar remains the problem !!! which is usually supplied with (insignificant price difference)… Is there an app or app box to get a probe message ???


    1. Les courants ne sont pas « affichés », what are the predictions of current hourly for referenced on the map by the icon stations . Enlarge the screenshot to better understand.

  2. I withdraw my question. I just discovered that when forecasts are displayed, the band instruments is not displayed (no triangle). We learn every day!

  3. Hello,
    I just update iOS 7, on iNavX, the triangle that can superimpose the map instrument indications disappeared. I have currently changed any settings. Should we change something to make them appear? Always thank you for your valuable advice.

    1. Hello
      J'AI fait the May of ios 6 to 7; blue triangle which appear / disappear instruments is still active, has a few cosmetic changes, nothing special about iNavX.
      chickpeas concerns an Ipad 3 with GPS 32 GB.

  4. Thank you for your reply, no I do not sail with CMN but NNHC (Club Nautique Nantes Saint Nazaire) club that has 140 fifteen members of skippers on two boats 10 ma Dehler 32 and Oceanis 323 based on Turballe.
    Maxsea in some cases bought to company Hemon-MGEM to Turballe (Maintenance by Eric pro on trawlers) + MTT two tablets equipped Navionics.
    OK I'll throw myself on the 4S, hoping that all applications follow.
    Will you be present at the Rochelle next Friday ?
    Thank you, cordialement, Patrice Cart-Tanner.

  5. Membership in a club cruising, I am always interested in your newsletters.
    Certainly, you analyze here only IOS7 with iNavX applications and supplements, for iPhone and iPad.
    The fact remains that those who, like me, Navionics have on an old iPhone 3GS in a watertight hull Magellan relief, while having their iPhone 4S with the same applications, this poses a serious problem. Indeed, 3GS will not support the update IOS day 7. So if by mistake you made this latest update for your iPhone 4S, safeguarding and synchronizing all of your microphone you paste the souk in your 3GS.
    Well you tell me I still have Maxsea (both versions V12 and TimeZero), but still, it is convenient to find as I had a raster mapping error on the north bay of Stornoway in the Outer Hebrides. This is in confirmation of your previous posts.

    1. You navigate with CMN ? I also have a 3GS end of life. I do not see how the iTunes backup of your iPhone 4S (also that of my wife, and we use the same Apple account) causes problems with your 3GS. Backups and updates are completely independent for each device listed on iTunes, whether on a Mac or PC. There can be no recovery on your 3GS backup your 4S, unless you specifically stipuliez, which is unlikely to happen.

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