Maré expanded its offering

You know all the good things about this excellent application. Unfortunately, many users did not understand that the "Free" download was for the sole purpose of testing the application before subscribing to data.. This misunderstanding has caused discontent and the developer has considered.

Since the last update access to all tide stations is free for the current day :

The subscription offer remains unchanged, but users who only need to know the tide of the day (shellfish, ballade, etc…) no longer need to subscribe to it. This is an excellent initiative which shows that the developer is listening to dissatisfied users.

In the same time, it adds a function for browsers that allows boaters to enter the draft of their boat. In search of water level calculations take into account this parameter and displays an alert when there is not enough water under the keel.


2 Replies to “Maré fait évoluer son offre

  1. Following your last article on this application I loaded and tested it.
    Well, I removed a previous comment made on your site. I used previously paid versions of TidesPlanner for areas France – Netherlands – Belgium.
    I see that the tide times my previous application are not really reliable compared to data Shom Tide Info. Today my ex for reference port
    => BM 6.6m 16h55 23h53 PM 2.35 M on Tide Info
    => BM 6.6m 16h20 00h00 PM 2.3 M sur Tide Planner

    It seems that for the PM there have significant differences systematically. Today still 30 mn.
    The season will be ending soon. For me after the departure of Jacques Vabre. I migrerais Tide Info on paid version for the season 2014. For now the option for the day will be enough until mid November.
    This application does then cover other areas ??

    1. Hello,

      To answer @ Fullhaya concerning the coverage of other regions, I made a request for SHOM able to offer predictions nearby ports of France (Belgium, Channel in particular). Something that is not possible at the moment because foreign ports are not in the catalog for publishers. To be continued.

      As for the accuracy of predictions, there actually has major differences with some other software. Both the times and heights of high tide and low tide (what is seen quickly) but also the intermediate values (cf. marégramme and calculation).

      Glad you maré be useful.
      Guillaume – maré

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