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Fort of 1 million applications for mobile devices sold, announced end of April 2013, Navionics continues to introduce new and more attractive options. However, the term "attractive" might sometimes rhyme with "disenchanted".

The last option in-app available from 15 August 2013 is called NavionicsPlus. This is the fourth paying option that adds to its applicarions Navionics Navionics Marine iPhone and iPad. What is it ?


NavionicsPlus includes SonarCharts™ as well as charts update for 12 months. See it.


SonarCharts™, trademark of Navionics, is a new chart layer with high definition bathymetry showing details of seabed. Here is how Navionics present this module :

« With SonarCharts™, Navionics became the first global company to introduce crowd-sourcing (¹). The SonarCharts layer™ is made up of data from multiple sources and its evolution over time, with the integration of new sonar logs from the nautical community and fishing, is revolutionizing the mapping. It is easy and convenient for everyone to save their sonar logs and upload them to […] Thanks to real-time crowd-sourcing data, Navionics can provide new updated maps for almost all areas for Navionics maps with SonarCharts. SonarCharts™ has exceptional value for browsers, mapping because they have to constantly improve ! "


Soundings increased by community surveys

When looking at the different available screenshots to illustrate this option, it actually looks attractive. However, some notions of discourse ask me : " data from multiple sources ",   " save sonar logs and upload them to ". I can not help but ask myself : What is the reliability of these data ? How can we ensure the accuracy of the sonar of a boater ? How can we collect hundreds, even thousands, recordings of depth sounders and use without verification ? This seems all the more surprising, for the most worrisome. Unless this community sharing secretes other sources more… Business ?

Charts updates

mises à jour des cartes

tarif 2013

Fall Rate 2013

NavionicsPlus includes a yearly subscription to update the Navionics Marine. Previously, updates were free by update sytem AppStore, and sometimes, as 2010, a straightforward renewal application. And it is here that one is entitled to disillusioned. It is no longer possible to update the contents of the application (charting) without an annual subscription at Navionics for the modest price… 50 € for iPad and 20 € for iPhone.

I mentioned several times in this blog Navionics trade policy for the least versatile (²). This new option is no exception to the rule. The price of the application has not only increased significantly since its launch, but optional modules (sometimes unavoidable as the Nav Module) have weighed the bill. Subscribing to Navionics for just being able to do updates, even if it is not affected by SonarChart, to buy back the application each year ! There is something I am missing.

As I have always said and written, I strongly believes in Navionics real advance for the quality and accuracy of its charting. But for Navionics Mobile applications sold directly from online stores, there is the risk of users, vexed by steadily increasing prices, divert to competing charts.

(¹) Participative charting. See my post Navionics Mobile and Community Sharing.
(²) Navionics knows no crisis.
Navionics charts trade policy.



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  1. Collect, and why not ? If the log of sonar readings is coupled with NMEA GPS track all the details are there : location, hour steps, date. Then mathematical models will exclude calibration errors of some pollsters, knowing that most are sufficiently sized to provide usable information.
    Look what has been done Waze for traffic information and Open Street Map for mapping… not to mention Wikipedia. Sure it is disturbing because the information no longer has the seal of a licensed agency. But if the number is, there is also the precision; is statistically.

  2. A survey of the "community pollsters" seems to me a beautiful utopia in our tidal regions. The wind, s direction, la pression atmosphérique, il ya tant d'Éléments qui rentrent in that je ne compte pas think that cell Soit Autre du choses to destination marketing Genera des Vents. PEUTE-être pour le des positionnement épave ?
    The Disposer Moines d'informatique extrèmement OUTIL a puissant qui la Ramen puisse probe au niveau des cartes du zéro. Je ne pas think that cell Soit le cas Navionics Quand on Voit mis le temps (souvent three long mois) Figure pour faire des changements important pour la navigation sur ses cartes comme le port of Roscoff and the Digue de Port-Louis. Navionics has unfortunately competitor globally.

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