Iridium Mail & Web is once again fully usable

Since release Apple iOS 8 early October 2014 the messaging app Iridium Mail & Web (which replaced Iridium Mail & Web) was no longer able to export an attachment in another application by the function "open in".… ". This fact could no longer use a weather GRIB file received as an attachment from the SailDocs server in any application, mainly Weather4D PRO.

It took more than 3 month for two successive updates come correct this problem severely handicapping for client users of Iridium :

[Update 21 November 2014] Version 1.0.6 Finally fixes this bug, but unfortunately adds others including rotating display.
[SHIFT-2 of 6 rd, January 2015] Version 1.0.9 fixes bugs display and delete messages (removing rotation, too strong !).

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  1. Hello Francis,

    My best wishes and thank you for the help that you bring us to try to master these new tools.
    I just download the latest version of web mail and l’ completely offset display banned me d’ access to some commands :for example unable to perform the settings.
    JC balas

    1. Indeed the display bug is improperly corrected : You must launch the application in PORTRAIT MODE. It boggles ! Don't forget to eject the app's memory before relaunch.

  2. Hello Francis,
    First of all my best wishes for 2015 (even if the year begins badly). Back from Tahiti, I confirm you have tested (too often) the apps in question. Group more care with the files, but display problems. And doesnt in vertical. As for the removal of e-mails, When you delete a mail, the apps crashes, but restarting the mail is no longer there … Say can do better, but it is usable.

  3. the new IOS 8.1.1, arrived there 2 or 3 days seems to disrupt the display of Mail and Web on my iPad: the "is not in front" page of the screen. Therefore some commands that are not accessible except by turning the iPad. However no problem on the iPhone. Have other users encountered the same situation ?

    1. Yes absolutely, optimization for iphone 6 runs poorly on iPad. Display rotating bugs, and in addition the "Edit" function in the message boxes (Inbox, Outbox, etc) does not work. Cannot delete a message. A botched update, It is hopeless.

  4. In fact the previous point axcess application no longer exists in the Apple store. This must be the reason why there has been not red lozenge. I loaded the new iridium mail app & Web and everything became ok.

  5. Phew very good news, We leave the Canary Islands in 4 days and it was a bit of anxiety to find a replacement for Weather4D and its applications, that worked perfectly, until the unfortunate update of iOS.
    Have we an update to do or it will begin to operate as before without further intervention ?
    Thank you Francis for having stirred the coconut tree !

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