I am writing from Gibraltar

Hey yes ! After a wonderful stay on the island of Reunion, here I embarked on board without transition "Rafale", a Catana 47 chartered for the ARC rally, a proprietary model specially equipped with carbon mast, Mylar mainsail gaff, spinnaker, and other I forget . Underway to the Canarias, via Gibraltar, to take the start in Las Palmas.


Under way to Gibraltar

Since the time that Christopher offered me one of his escorts, is finally here. But it's not for fun. I'm going back to Las Palmas contacts Navigation Mac : Stéphane Petit and his family on "Guma", Fernand Gluck on "Zero Stress" or Gil Fonlladosa its proto JSR 1050 « Angela ». In good times in perspective, and probably some further advice to give, I have no doubt.

But that's not all. Olivier Bouyssou, designer of Weather4D joins us to the crossing, with a few good surprises up his wed bag. First a router Iridium Mail by Iridium, send from the U.S.. by Luis Soltero (Global Marine Network) that will allow us to test GRIB files receiving directly from iPad (or iPhone). Also beta version of future app Weather4D Pro, we have yet prouved the first advanced features. We will have plenty to do, and numerous subjects to write posts, before the presentation of these solutions to the "Nautic" of Paris in December, on iPadNav.fr stand.

Pending, stopped by a bad SW gale in Gibraltar, a tipically british weather : wind, greyness, rain, rain again and… greyness , I spend a bit time to write for you present post.


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  1. De retour d’un test « 100 miles à bord » avec Voile Magazine, I confirm that the Pro version of Weather4D is truly impressive and the combination with Iridium works perfectly !

    Bon vent à tous les deux et traversez vite pour revenir nous montrer tout ça au salon 🙂

  2. Angela is also in Gibraltar, and must sail tomorrow, skipper-owner at the helm. I will not travel, alas, selected by my professional obligations, and do not rejoin the board as 18 Las Palmas.
    Good crossing !

  3. Nice program, I will follow you passionately on at least 3 blogs, on your, St Lys and Claudy,
    Good wind

  4. Bin here's an adventure that takes place !
    Human Adventure…
    Sailing adventure…
    Technical adventure…
    It should be exciting and well I hope you all enjoy it up in great conditions.
    Have fun and remember to write !

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