Weather4D PRO 1.0 includes routes from iNavX

Weather4D ProThe new application Weather4D PRO for iOS (iPhone / iPad), developed by Olivier Bouyssou, was submited yesterday to Apple. It provides advanced features associated with GRIB files for demanding users. It comes in addition to Weather4D app which was promoted as one of the best apps in Apple AppStore for few weeks.

This Pro version, quickly available, will provide following features :

GRIB files management :

  • Import, sharing (export ), copy-paste, folders filing, history, request from SailDocs by email

Routes management :

  • Route import in KML format from iNavX or other apps, overlay route display with forecasts, boat progress with forecasts scrolling, route settings (heading, speed, date, etc. ...).

Iridium satellites tracking :

  • Prediction of transition from Iridium satellites to optimize the connections to run queries GRIB files. Automatic updating of ephemeris and parameter setting coverage (rising, timing).

The roads in Weather4D PRO

A full article on the application likely to be long and indigestible, this first post is about route management. This feature appears with Navimail2 by Météo France late 2009, for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. But in the oposite of this one, in which one create the route, a little hardly, direct inside the app, with Weather4D route is imported from third party app.

KML is the available format (*). Next iNavX release (3.4.1) will allow to open a route directly into Weather4D.

Transfert de la route iNavX vers Weather4D

Shift from road to iNavX Weather4D

transfert des routes

Transfer of roads from iNavX iPad

Once predicted route created in iNavX, including a collection of waypoints, then transferred to PRO W4D, a button "Routes" to adjust the display settings :

weather4d proWith iPad, settings and display are simultaneous :

weather4d proThe boat is running on the route with scroll of forecasts, linearly. A popup window allows you to see the details of the conditions laid down in the boat's position. Here : wind, pressure, temperature and precipitation.

weather4d pro

Boat position, road and associated forecasts are visible on the map

This feature allows you to anticipate the weather as the boat is scheduled to meet on his way, and thus modify the route to optimize the boat is moving. In the future, the developer plans to add a route estimated based on speed and road, by setting the values ​​manually or by integrating the instantaneous values ​​COG and SOG.

Already very successful in its standard version, PRO version browsers will satisfy long-term and probably the runners, some already followers.

(*) See Glossary, Files format.


7 Replies to “Weather4D PRO 1.0 includes routes from iNavX”

  1. I forgot ! a little off topic but somewhat related anyway

    Is it possible to integrate on iNavX,, Files currents SHOM ((Subject to purchase the CD e CD of course))

  2. Good evening

    Just great ! Many people would think about it and did Olivier Bouyssou.
    Besides routing possibilities for future …. Re Great
    How about an editor polar, Ipad as instruments can be connected to edge, Finally, we could retrieve reliable polar polar or non-existent for some boats ?
    Certainly with iNavX !

  3. Super all that !!
    What is funny, I thought is that since the day I downloaded W4D and was preparing a small email to request…
    Well I packed up my mail bin then !
    Otherwise, a small question : Is this a new application for downloading (and therefore to buy) or is it an update ?
    Good evening, and good preparation for transatlantic !

    1. This is a new application. The standard version still aimed at a wider audience will require him to keep a user-friendly. The Pro version will target a more specialized audience concerned with marine navigation in open seas, I give a public RESTREINT. It will inevitably be more complex to use because a growing number of sophisticated functions. It should be sold 25 EUR.

  4. saw these improvements… It is on, I'm looking forward routing function absent from any application on a Mac or Iphone…
    In tous cas bravo .

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