The aiShell waterproof case for iPad Mini

This time, it came up ! The new waterproof case for iPad Mini by Andres Industries, to whom we owe the famous iPad Case, is finally available.

Smaller, lighter, more discreet, but equally robust, it is ideal for protecting your iPad Mini on boat, on beach, under the rain or in the desert (¹). With this funny name " "aiShell " , literally "Shell Andres Industries", The manufacturer offers a box containing all the tricks of the big brother for iPad : a waterproof power connector, windows for cameras, adaptation to existing REM mounts. He even added two retractable legs for easy use on a flat surface. A very German design.

Description :

  • robust polyamide case ensures complete protection of the iPad
  • ultra-clear film protects the screen and with very good touch sensitivity
  • access to all buttons, cameras and connectors without opening the case
  • open / close by 5 clips and installation / removal of the iPad even easier
  • many mounting options or carry through threaded inserts on the rear panel and accessories like the special clip (as an option)
  • ability to change oneself wearing parts (screen, inner foam)
  • Integrated legs for more comfortable typing on the keyboard of the iPad
  • possibility of adding a protective plate of the display for transportation, is clipped from the back in use and may provide support table (optional)
  • "captive" buttons and plugs and non-through screwed inserts
  • wide range of colors available on request
  • loading a sealed cable (as an option)

Specifications :

  • IP67 (resistant to all types of continuous projections and immersion 30mn)
  • MIL810F shock resistance
  • size : 222 x 159 x 20mm
  • weight : 210g

No doubt for 155 € (²) it will soon join the cockpit of your boat.

(¹) Warning, it is not refrigerated.
(²) In France at, the must specialist.


2 Replies to “The aiShell waterproof case for iPad Mini”

  1. Hello and thank you for the information that is crossed with that released by Nav Cases.
    For me it is controlled.
    Now to answer the question of Steph. IPAD ou IPAD Mini.
    When I asked the question I discussed the matter at length with people Nautic Ipad Nav, Mr Fustier a Mr Bouyssou. If I understood what I was told :
    Ipad mini does not heat and recharges quickly. can be operated with DC power without loss of battery. Screen smaller but adequate and comparable to a Raymarine C70 for example. Weight for this model.
    IPAD 2 Screen larger than iPad Mini and similar operating. But many more available.
    Iphone 3 be avoided as much heat. Retina display not justified for marine application for the rest …..
    Iphone 4 The remaining problem is that the battery does not hold the same charge with the charger when road is a long sea voyage.
    Short of these tips I opted for an iPad Mini. And without regret to this day. It also wins on the price that is still so.
    A notice was required. Here's one. Only possible but valid criticism for all the tablets I think. In full sun it will never be worth a dedicated screen. Except perhaps to force the maximum brightness. mine is set with the cursor 30% and automatic mode selected. This is sufficient in most cases and avoids fat consumption.

  2. Thank you for this indication waterproof case…

    I still wonder if it is better not to opt for an iPad rather than an iPad Mini for this kind of use (navigation).

    I am taking any notice.

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