World tides with iPad

AyeTides XL, tides prediction application of Hahn Software LLC, is available from the 2 nd August on AppStore. Extrapolation from AyeTides version for iPhone, AyeTides XL offers a completely renewed user interface to take advantage of the iPad screen size and the framing.

With nearly 10.000 tides and currents stations around the world, whose 165 stations in France, the app presents times and heights of tide level based on the US public software XTide (*) using data and harmonic tidal predictions from the National Ocean Service (NOAA) . Many corrections were made in order to obtain predictions with on average less than 3% discrepancies with the predictions of official bodies, as for the SHOM France.

ayetides xl

The world map stations view

ayetides xlFind stations

The home view features a chart to be zoomed in/out to see all station icons in a selected area. Each station is accounted for by a standard tide icon [T] or current icon [C], a pin icon represents a grouping of several stations depending details level (zoom) used. A simple tap on icon opens the station (or the list of stations grouped).

The chart page can be switched to stations list page. In addition, an advanced search page allows you to find stations by geographical areas, alphabetical, recent or favorite stations.

If Location services are activated (GPS, cellular) position is plotted on the chart and allows a quick choice of closest stations.

At last, below the chart, as set up, recents or favorites stations are listed.

Display stations

ayetidesIn portrait view mode the page shows, in upper banner, instantaneous water depth and direction of tide (or current) and a tidal clock. The center part shows two days tide prediction in list mode and ephemeris of sun and moon. Lower banner shows tides graphics.

In landscape display mode, a one month graphics view allow zooming on each day by a simple tap, opening a popover with complete detailled informations, including astronomical.

Button " Maps » displays the station on a Google Maps map in a window, a " star » to add the resort to the favorites, a " magnifying glass » to list the nearest stations. Also three buttons allows the choice of depth water units : meters, feet and fathoms.

In portrait as landscape mode, simply dragging the finger across the screen to swipe days or months prediction, and date selector can be used to choose a specific date until 2100.

ayetides xl

AyeTides XL, as AyeTides iPhone, is used directly from iNavX for the information of the most tide stations near the position.

ayetides xl


Unlike most competing applications, AyeTides XL does not require subscription. Predictions are provided until 2030 for the current base price of 9 EUR.

Without doubt the best universal tide app for iPad, even if it lacks the tides coefficients, concept completely unknown to british-US but so useful for french yachtmen. However, predictions based on harmonics can hardly take into account some local particularity. This is especially the case in the Channel Dover Strait approaches : you can meet significant differences with the predictions of SHOM for some ports such as Le Havre. The author has integrated alerts when certain stations showed significant differences with local predictions.

(*) XTide