MacENC is back

MacENCx64 is now the name of the MacENC application which has just been released by its new developer NavStation.

MacENC has been fully adapted and recompiled in 64 bits for recent MacOS systems and new processors, which explains the new denomination. I continue to ensure the French translation. But beware : to date the Navionics cartography is no longer available. So there is no charting yet for the coasts of Europe, except ENC S-57 and S-63 available by Chartworld (see page Digital charting).

All original functions have been retained. A completely redesigned new Chart Manager, coupled with a Download Manager, allows you to download charts directly from the developer's server. NOAA ENC charts are available, as well as some other regions in raster format. ENC S-57 and S-63 charts are supported as before, The contract with Navionics could not be continued, the new developer is being negotiated for coverage of Europe.

This is a much awaited return from the many sailors who have got since 2006 their Mac on board. It remains to be hoped for the imminent arrival of full charting for coasts of France and Europe..

As in the past, I will continue to provide the French translation.

See the description of MacENC from my website.


2 Replies to “MacENC is back”

  1. Hello Francis,
    the link is fixed . the new version is at 190 euros and so I wake up too late for the gracious update…
    And in addition it will not recover my old Navionics charts..
    So i will wait a bit … the new card proposals in particular.. because for now … it's not cheap..

  2. Hello Francis.
    Thank you for the info. On the other hand, you should post a topic on Hisse and oh… Indeed, for old users, a gracious update offer court to 31 December… and not everyone may be subscribed to your mailing list.

    Christian Brugeron.

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